Student Government Association (SGA) | MCC

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Government Association (SGA) Mission:

Further develop the ideals, character, and knowledge of the College and its students; to ensure a maximum of self-government based upon mutual respect of the students, administration, faculty, and staff; and to promote student activities.

What We Do

SGA represents the student body by generating knowledge, interest, and participation in college affairs among students. SGA is an integral part of Student Life as the sponsor and collaborator provided for the students of MCC.


Anna Merrell - President

Mariah Simpson - Vice President

Shawna Watson - Vice President

Abby Sweeney - Secretary (Muhlenberg Campus)


You can reach the Student Government Office by calling (270) 824-1801 or by visiting us on North Campus in the John H. Gray Building, Office 101.