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Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services office at Madisonville Community College provides equal access and participation for persons with disabilities in post-secondary education as outlined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Disability Resource provides a wide variety of services based on individual needs.

Accessibility Services can:

  • Make arrangements for accommodations
  • Help with the application and registration process
  • Serve as a home base to provide help when needed
  • Act as a liaison with faculty, staff and administration
  • Provide information regarding other services offered at MCC or by community and state agencies

All students with a disability that might impact their education are encouraged to register for services. There is no deadline to register but it is helpful to meet with the Accessibility Services Office early to prevent delays in services.

Process for Receiving Services through the Accessibility Services Office:

  1. Complete Admission to Madisonville Community College.
  2. Register for classes.
  3. Submit an Accessibility Accommodation Request AND provide appropriate documentation (see documentation guidelines) of your physical, mental, health-related and/or learning disability.
  4. Set up a meeting (available in-person, virtually or over the phone) with the Accessibility Services Coordinator to discuss individual needs in order develop a plan for appropriate accommodations.
  5. Once a student disability has been verified and an accommodation plan is created, the Accessibility Services Office will send letters of accommodation(s) via secure KCTCS email to the student and their instructors. The faculty member and student will discuss and agree upon the implementation of the assigned accommodation(s).
  6. If any changes are made to the student’s schedule after their letter of accommodation has been sent for the current term, the student is responsible for contacting the Accessibility Services Office immediately to ensure any instructor changes also receive accommodation letters.  

Accessibility Services Contact Information

Paula J. Seabrooke
Manager of Accessibility Services &
Veterans Affairs Advisor
John H. Gray, 108
(270) 824-1708

Ladrenna Slaton 
Student Affairs Administrative Assistant
John H. Gray 108
(270) 824-8641