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Community Programs

Madisonville Community College is pleased to participate in the following diversity activities:


The Multicultural Student Association (MSA) is open to all students and promotes programs and services that enhance students' academic, social, and cultural development. MSA sponsors guest speakers and numerous educational and cultural events, providing opportunities for students to work toward achieving individual and cross-cultural goals. MSA supports all efforts toward a greater understanding of cultures and on overall greater appreciation of cultural diversity.

Guided Learning and Academic Development Program

The Guided Learning and Academic Development (GLAD) program is designed to assist underrepresented youth to excel academically in middle school and as freshman in high school. The program seeks to enhance the growth, both academically and personally, of its student participants, by nurturing them in the STEM-H (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Health Sciences). Adequately preparing students in these areas, through reasonable intervention, the program will aide in the transition to high school with post-secondary education as the ultimate goal.

Diversity Advisory Committee

The Diversity Advisory Committee includes community leaders from the college s service area. This committee will assist the college in its effort to incorporate programs, services and activities that encompasses diversity among its constituencies. The Council meets each semester to discuss the college s progress and efforts on cultural and global awareness.