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Diversity Programs

Madisonville Community College is pleased to participate in the following diversity programs and organizations.

Guided Learning and Academic Development Program

The Guided Learning and Academic Development (GLAD) program is designed to assist underrepresented youth to excel academically in middle school and as freshman in high school. The program seeks to enhance the growth, both academically and personally, of its student participants, by nurturing them in the STEM-H (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Health Sciences). Adequately preparing students in these areas, through reasonable intervention, the program will aide in the transition to high school with post-secondary education as the ultimate goal.

Grow (Gentlemen Representing Outstanding Work)

GROW strives to embody, empower, support, and assist men in creating a strong foundation of success upon which to build professional and personal growth, and community involvement.

Contact: James Bowles, (270) 824-8588, james.bowles@kctcs.edu

Multicultural Student Association 

The Multicultural Student Association provides new and returning students with academic support and advising, cultural enrichment activities, and opportunities for social interaction with on-campus peers. Students can participate in monthly meetings, plan community service, and help create an inclusive campus environment. Contact: James Bowles, (270) 824-8588, james.bowles@kctcs.edu

Renew (Representing Excellence Through Networking and Empowering Women)

The purpose of RENEW is to provide information for the student (female) body that will help enhance all aspects of their lives: personal, professional, social, etc. Students will be given opportunities to network with people in the community through service projects, guest speakers, and other events.

Contact: Brittney Stevenson, (270) 824-8671, brittney.hernandez-stevenson@kctcs.edu or Brooke Archila, (270) 824-1884, brooke.archilla@kctcs.edu