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Madisonville Community College offers the Lean Manufacturing Simulation, the Lean Healthcare Simulation, and the Lean Enterprise Simulation. These simulations, modeled after the Toyota Production System "Philosophy of Efficiency" simulation, are elements of the Lean Manufacturing Program. They were developed in cooperation with Toyota Motor Manufacturing, U.S.A. and were a team effort of a core group from Toyota and the University of Kentucky.

The Lean Manufacturing Center for Excellence at MCC will assist any manufacturer or business in the state of Kentucky. The Center will customize a Lean program that will utilize a Lean Simulation and then provide an implementation program specific to the organization. KY-WINS or other state funding may be available as training financial assistance.

The Workforce Solutions group at MCC offers Lean Manufacturing for factory settings, Lean Enterprise for office and service organizations, and Lean for Healthcare geared toward hospitals. All Lean Simulations focus on increasing efficiency by eliminating waste and implementing continuous improvement.

The Lean Simulations are taught by a team of certified instructors and facilitators. During these seminars, you will experience the effectiveness of the Lean Programs and obtain a vision of how Lean elements can be incorporated into your work environment.

The Lean Simulations are presented in two formats. One is for public attendance, which is general in nature to help attendees from a wide variety of companies to see the benefits of adopting this philosophy for their company. These are directed more toward senior executive managers and supervisors. The individual company presentations stress participation of all those individuals involved in the factory, business or enterprise processes. These are specifically customized for individual clients with instruction geared to their specific industry or business.

Customizing includes a site visit by several members of the Lean Team to get a first-hand look at current company operations. After the simulation, we continue to work with you through full Lean Implementation of Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen Process, Continuous Improvement, and Visual Communications.

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