KCTCS-TRAINS is designed to promote learning focused on developing high-performance work organizations, and most importantly provide workers with the world-class transferable skills that will enable them to master technology and foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

KCTCS-TRAINS Program benefits Kentucky by:

  • Providing workers with world-class transferable and portable skills
  • Retaining and recruiting companies requiring high skills
  • Increasing the productivity of its workforce
  • Improving the employability of Kentucky's citizens
  • Strengthening and improving state and local economies

KCTCS-TRAINS funds may be used for qualified skills upgrade including information technology, Lean Manufacturing and Lean for Service, WorkKeys job profiling and assessment, instructor travel, facility rental and equipment.

KCTCS-TRAINS will provide funding for 65% of the total cost of the services to be delivered through a project. The company will be responsible for paying the remaining 35% plus the 10% KCTCS administration fee.

KCTCS-TRAINS Funding Example


Total Training Cost



KY TRAINS pays 75% of cost



Company pays 25% of training cost



Plus 10% Administration Fee



Total Cost to Company



For More Information

Melanie Tapp
Workforce Solutions Director
(270) 824-8661