The Learning Space Tutoring Policies | MCC

The Learning Space Tutoring Policies

Use of The Learning Space denotes your agreement to these policies.

  • Individuals receiving tutoring must be currently enrolled in KCTCS coursework.
  • Subjects and appointment times for in-person and online tutoring are limited to tutor availability.
  • Appointments may be made for one-hour (maximum) time blocks.
  • Appointments may be scheduled up to two hours before the appointment start time.
  • Students are limited to scheduling no more than two (2) appointments in advance.
  • Students are limited to two (2) hours of tutoring appointments per subject per week; these cannot be consecutive.
  • Drop-ins are welcome in order of request; however, services may be limited due to prior commitments.
  • Appointments have preference over drop-ins.
  • During peak times, tutors may assist more than one student at a time at their discretion.
  • No-shows for two (2) appointments in one semester will no longer be able to make appointments but can be assisted as a drop-in if tutors are available.
  • Assistance must be provided in the presence of the student.
  • Papers may be reviewed by email at the discretion of the Learning Space staff; only “finished” papers may be reviewed this way, and the service is limited to once per paper.
  • Tutors are NOT ALLOWED to provide answers for homework assignments, quizzes, tests, or online assignments. 
  • Students who wait until the last minute to seek help may be very limited in what tutoring options are available to them. 
  • The final work is the student’s responsibility.