Student & Parent Information

Madisonville Community College offers dual credit in collaboration with the following high schools:

  • Caldwell County High School
  • Caldwell County Area Technology Center
  • Crittenden County High School
  • Dawson Springs High School
  • Henderson County High School
  • Hopkins County Central High School
  • Hopkins County Career & Technology Center
  • Madisonville North Hopkins High School
  • Muhlenberg County High School (West Campus)
  • Webster County High School
  • Webster County Area Technology Center

Dual credit students are considered Madisonville Community College students regarding the dual credit courses. The information below will be applicable to dual credit students and help them navigate their college experience.

MCC Dual Credit Handbook

This includes the basic information that students and parents need about dual credit. If you would like a copy of the handbook please email Sherry Hewell.

Student Code of Conduct

The colleges of KCTCS are more than just educational institutions -- they are vibrant and diverse communities. Therefore, KCTCS strives to maintain an atmosphere of academic freedom and personal respect that creates an environment in which all can be successful. 

As part of this commitment, KCTCS has developed a Code of Student Conduct that serves as a guide for the student's responsibilities and rights within our academic community.

KCTCS Catalog

The 2018-2019 catalog is provided in PDF format and contains all of the information from the printed catalog including program requirements and course descriptions. 

Academic Advising

If a student is interested in completing a degree at Madisonville Community College, they can check our program websites to make sure their dual credit course is required for the program of their choice.  On the MCC homepage, click on Education & Training and then click Find Your Program.  Scroll down to find a list of all MCC programs.  Click on the program of interest to see requirements.


If a student intends to transfer to a baccalaureate institution, they should consult our transfer website by going to Current Students then Academic Resources then Transfer Information.  Student can find out how their chosen dual credit courses will transfer to the college and major of their choice.

Financial Aid Disclosure for Dual Credit

Dual credit courses are not eligible for Financial Aid, Title IV Funding.  However, dual credit course work will be calculated in your Satisfactory Academic Progress for future use of Financial Aid, Title IV funding, once a student begins college as a college freshman.  Satisfactory Academic Progress must be maintained while receiving Financial Aid, Title IV Funding by-

  1. Completing 67% of your classes.
  2. Maintain a GPA of 2.0.
  3. Complete your degree in 150% of time.