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Online Dual Credit Courses

How are online dual credit courses different from traditional dual credit offered on the high school campus?

  1. The high school student is taking an online class with regular college students.
  2. An MCC college instructor teaches the online class.
  3. The class is completely online.
  4. Students must purchase required books prior to the beginning of class.
  5. The online class is on a different timeframe (semester calendar) from the high school calendar.

Not all high schools that offer dual credit through Madisonville Community College offer high school credit for online courses.  Check with your high school counselor to see if your school participates.  If so, you will register for your online dual credit class through your high school when an MCC dual credit representative comes to your high school. 

Is Online Learning Right for Me?  How do I know if I am the "right type" for this mode of learning?

People learn in different ways and at different rates. Some students enjoy listening to lectures, others draw concepts in their notebooks, yet others enjoy working in small groups. Visual learners tend to do best in online courses. Others learn to adapt. Online learning is not restricted by time or location, and as a result, it is a convenient learning environment for adults who have busy lives. However, it may not be right mode of learning for you.

Online learning is different in many respects from the traditional face-to-face learning we're all used to, primarily in the way we get our information and how we interact with instructors and classmates. These are the traits that successful online students possess, to varying degrees:

  • Self-Directed
  • Motivated
  • Comfortable with computers
  • Able to use email, internet browser, word processor
  • Like to read and write
  • Inquisitive
  • Disciplined
  • Independent
  • Able to stay on task