Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship

KHEAA administers the Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship program.  The scholarship will cover up to two courses for juniors and seniors over their high school career.  So, if a junior takes two scholarshipped courses, then they have no scholarships left for their senior year.  Students may, however, take more than two dual credit courses at the 1/3 tuition rate ($56.33), if they are willing to pay for them themselves.

To be eligible for the Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship, as student must:

  1. Be a Kentucky resident;
  2. Be enrolled in a Kentucky high school as a junior or senior;
  3. Have completed a 30 minute college success counseling session (provided by the high school);
  4. And be enrolled, or accepted for enrollment, in an approved dual credit course.

The student will begin the scholarship application process with their high school. The student will then be contacted by KHEAA directly to complete the application process on the KHEAA website. Students will be notified by KHEAA if they are awarded the scholarship.

Students must submit their scholarship information to KHEAA through MyKHEAA by:

  • Fall Semester: October 1, 2018
  • Spring Semester:  March 1, 2019

For more information about the Dual Credit Scholarship program, talk with your high school counselor or see the KHEAA website.