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MCC Recognized for Providing Food Assistance to Students


MADISONVILLE, KY— Madisonville Community College was recognized for its efforts in addressing students’ food insecurities with its campus foodbanks and student emergency fund. 

The CCCSE (Center for Community College Student Engagement) conducted a study on the role of community colleges in meeting students’ basic needs. This study addresses the impact that food insecurity has on students, as well as the impact of other student emergencies. The goal is to call attention to the means in which colleges can provide direct assistance to their students in need. 

A list of approaches that colleges are currently using to meet their students’ basic needs is provided with this study. The first example of providing food assistance states, “Madisonville Community College (KY) has food banks on three campuses and a $40,000 fund for student emergencies. The college also asks for and receives anonymous feedback from students and uses that feedback to make improvements”.

MCC Director of Advancement, Austin Tarkington, states, “Food insecurities and unforeseen emergencies can be a challenge to many of our student’s daily lives.  At MCC our student food pantries and student emergency funds not only provide a helping hand to our students, they foster a sense of community and compassion throughout our campuses.  By helping meet these basic needs for our students we strive to eliminate many of the day-to-day worries they might face while, at the same time, providing them with a community fully committed to their success and achievement.”

MCC President, Dr. Cindy Kelley added, “I am pleased that CCCSE has recognized the importance of the effort we make to ensure that the needs of our students are met. We strive to aid our students in difficult times. The college has worked hard to provide support to students who are experiencing obstacles that can negatively impact their academic success”. 

The full study can be found here.