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Develop a dynamic career in medical imaging with a comprehensive associate degree in radiography that includes specialized courses and hands-on clinical practice.

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What is Radiography?

This program prepares the individual to become a radiographer. The radiographer is prepared to administer ionizing radiation for medical diagnostic imaging purposes. Emphasis is on radiation protection and quality patient care. The curriculum is comprised of specialized courses in radiography with concentrated study in the basic sciences, mathematics and general education. Students enrolled in the Radiography program must achieve a minimum grade of C in each Radiography course. Upon completion of the program, the graduate is eligible to apply to take the examination for registration as a radiographer by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Radiographers may find positions in hospitals, health clinics, and physicians offices. Research laboratories and some industrial firms may also employ radiographers. The curriculum requires attendance in the summer session, fall and spring semesters.

What are my career choices?

Radiographers are employed in hospitals, clinics, physician s offices, administration, education, advanced technology, and government. Graduates of the program may also continue their education with one-year programs in sonography, radiation therapy, vascular, and CT-MRI. The average salary for radiologic technologist throughout the United States is $32,000.

What are my degree, diploma, or certificate options?

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Additional Information

Radiography is a selective admission program. In addition to MCC s general admission requirements, candidates to the program must complete the following:

  • Please contact Tina Seibert, for a Radiography program admission packet
  • A statement verifying at least a four-hour observation/work experience in a Radiology Department must be completed and returned to the college. (Official college observation form must be used). Complete observation in radiology department by March 1.
  • Submit program consideration form to program director by March 1. Upon receipt of the program consideration form, each applicant will receive notification of the mandatory pre-admission conference schedule.
  • Submit COMPASS or ACT test scores.

Length of Program 

You can earn an associate in applied science degree in two years if you maintain full-time status.

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.


The mission of the Madisonville Community College Radiography Program is to provide Radiography education and clinical experiences to develop a skilled and versatile Radiography workforce.


The Radiography Program at Madisonville Community College serves its communities of interest and its students through meeting and maintaining the following goals:


Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will apply positioning skills.
  • Students will select appropriate technical factors.
  • Students will practice radiation protection.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will effectively communicate with patients.
  • Students will demonstrate effective presentation skills.
  • Students will demonstrate written communication skills.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will perform non-routine examinations.
  • Students will evaluate images (Ones they didn’t produce).


Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate professional behavior.
  • Students will understand ethical decision skills.

Program Academic Calendar

The program takes five semesters to complete, including a summer session. The clinical day will vary depending on your clinical site and shift. During the fall and spring semester the Radiography program and MCC Academic Calendar share the same start and end date. The only schedule exception occurs the week of final exams, when Radiography program students attend regular classes. The summer session starts with the Intersession start date and continues for six weeks. All breaks and holidays will be observed as scheduled.

Radiography Licensure and Accreditation

Radiography Program Effectiveness Data

Madisonville Community College Radiography Program Effectiveness Data 

ARRT Credentialing Pass Rate 

Program Completion Rate 

Job Placement Rate (those seeking employment) 


Benchmark 80% or higher Annual 5 year average

Benchmark 65% or higher 

Benchmark 75% or higher Annual 5 year average 

2018 73% (11/15) 76.18% (48/63) 88.2% (15/17) 93.3% (14/15) 96.6% (57/59)
2017 77% (10/13) 78.7% (48/61) 81.3% (13/16) 100% (10/10) 96.4% (53/55)
2016 83% (10/12) 80% (44/55) 86% (12/14) 92% (11/12) 96% (51/53)
2015 82% (9/11) 84% (47/56) 92% (11/12) 100% (10/10) 98% (52/53)
2014 67% (8/12) 85% (47/55 86% (12/14) 100% (12/12) 96% (51/53)

Program Effectiveness Goal


Measurement Tool


Student will pass the ARRT national certification on the 1st attempt.

ARRT 1st Time Pass Rate

80% or higher MCC annual benchmark
five (5) - year credentialing examination pass rate average of not less than 75% at first attempt within six (6) months of graduation (JRCERT benchmark).

Of those pursing employment, students will be gainfully employed within 12 months post-graduation.

Initial Student Follow Up Survey

Five-year average of not less than 75% within twelve months of graduation for graduates actively seeking employment.

Students will complete the program.

Program Completion Rate

65% or higher

Additional information can be found by visiting the Joint Review Committee of Education in Radiologic Technology website at

The Radiography Program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT), located at 20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 2850, Chicago, Illinois 60606-3182, (312) 704-5300,

Additional information can be found by visiting The Joint Review Committee of Education in Radiologic Technology website at

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive an Associate in Applied Science degree from Madisonville Community College, allowing them to take the registered radiologic technologist exam, required by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

  • After completing the competency based education curriculum, a qualified student is eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) certification examination.
  • A prospective radiography student is advised that the ARRT examination board may not accept a student's application if there has been a conviction of a felony.
  • Students who have been convicted of, or plead guilty to, or plead no lo contendere to a crime, may request a pre-application review of the violation in order to obtain a ruling on the impact of their eligibility for examination. 

Please visit their website at for more information. 

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