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Joint Admission

MCC has Joint Admission agreements with Murray State University, Western Kentucky University, and Lindsey Wilson College. These agreements assist you with planning a seamless transition to a four-year university, while completing your Associate's degree.

Benefits of Joint Admission

  • Reduced Cost - your admission application and transcript fees will be waived.
  • Collaborative Academic Advising - Students will receive academic advising services from both the four-year college and MCC. This service will ensure you are taking the correct courses for your intended major.
  • Fixed Degree Plan - your catalog term and general education requirements are locked in and will not change. If the four-year college changes courses required for your degree after you have been admitted, those changes will not apply to you.
  • Student Support Services - you will receive financial aid advising, career counseling, access to computer labs and other support services at both institutions.
  • Campus Activities - you will have the opportunity to attend four-year college sporting events, cultural events, and any other on-campus activities with your student ID card provided by the four-year college.

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