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Dual Credit Calendar

Master Dual Credit Calendar 2023-2024

Item Fall Spring Summer **
Signed MOA for school year due March 1 N/A N/A
KCTCS priority registration opens* March 1 October 1 March 1
KCTCS application/enrollment deadline Varies by college Varies by college Varies by college
Start of high school semester August (varies) January (varies) June (varies)
Start of KCTCS semester* Week of August 14 Week of January 8 Week of May 13
Last day for KCTCS students to add/drop a course 4 days after first day 4 days after first day 4 days after first day
ACT/CTE student registration for technical courses September (varies) January & February  Not offered at most schools
KHEAA high school submission deadline for scholarship eligibility September 15  February 1  N/A
Last day for KCTCS students to withdraw from class and receive a W* Varies by college Varies by college Varies by college
Student KHEAA preference deadline October 1 March 1 N/A
Pre-orientation for eligible HS students with dual credit faculty October 15 March 15 N/A
KCTCS submits first enrollment file to KHEAA (please report changes prior) October 26 March 21 N/A
KCTCS sends first e-bill to dual credit students for the current semester (if no scholarship information is on record) November 3 April 7 First Friday after student registers for course/s
Last day to add dual credit course for the semester October 30 March 28 August 13
Dual credit enrollment at high schools for the following semester October-November (varies) April -
Dual credit data due for KCTCS Official Snapshot to CPE November 1 March 30 August 15
Last day fo KCTCS semester Week of December 4 Week of April 29 Week of August 5
Grades due to KCTCS December 22 May 17 August 16
Grades due to KHEAA for Dual Credit Scholarship December 23 May 20 August 15
KCTCS returns 50% of funds to KHEAA for scholarship students who did not successfully complete their course  March 1 June 30 N/A

*Students enrolled in courses delivered at the college or online must follow KCTCS deadlines. Deadlines for courses taken at the high school may vary. 

**Dual credit is not available at all colleges for the summer term.