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The WorkKeys System is an ACT product that connects work skills, training and testing for education and employers, and makes it easier to meet the requirements of federal programs and legislation. The three components of the WorkKeys System are Job Analysis, Assessment and Training. WorkKeys uses the same scale to score tests and measure job skills, so you can make quick comparisons between a person s skill levels and the job requirements. The WorkKeys System takes the guesswork out of hiring and promoting employees with and easy to implement program that helps you build a high-performance workforce.

The Job Analysis identifies the skill and skill levels need to be successful on the job. This is done through a structured process facilitated by an ACT Certified Profiler with six to eight job incumbents who are referred to as subject matter experts. Using the job profile the assessment levels are determined.

Assessments are administered to incumbents or applicants. WorkKeys Foundational and Personal Skills assessments provide reliable, relevant information about workplace skill levels. WorkKeys Foundational Skills assessments measure cognitive abilities such as applied math, reading for information, and locating information. WorkKeys Personal Skills assessments are designed to predict job behavior and measure the full potential of individuals

Training using the information above helps individuals and employers correct skill gaps.

Why WorkKeys?

  • Reduce turnover by up to 84%
  • Decrease overtime hours by 95%
  • Experience a 244% ROI on training dollars

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