Woodall Nominated for 2017 UK Libraries Medallion for Intellectual Achievement | MCC

Woodall Nominated for 2017 UK Libraries Medallion for Intellectual Achievement

Madisonville Community College faculty member Dr. Marsha Woodall has been nominated for the University of Kentucky (UK) Libraries Medallion for Intellectual Achievement, one of university s most prestigious awards to recognize high intellectual achievement by Kentuckians and to encourage education and promote creative thought. Dr. Woodall is a Professor of Nursing/Nurse Administrator and has taught at MCC since 2000. She recently graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. For her capstone project, Woodall worked in conjunction with Baptist Health Madisonville and the City of Madisonville employees to implement a community-based education and public awareness program to promote knowledge of colorectal cancer (CRC) and the importance of CRC screenings. Kentucky consistently ranks among the highest in cancer incidence and death in the country

I am proud of Dr. Woodall's work and commitment to excellence in both the intellectual achievement of her research and in the real life, practical application of the results, shared MCC Chief Academic Officer Dr. Deborah Cox. Countless individuals have written to Dr. Woodall expressing heartfelt thanks that she took the time to study this field, that she engaged in the pursuit of greater knowledge of colorectal cancer, and that she chose to do something about it. One nurse, one study changed the trajectory of lives. I submit to you that this is social change at its best. While the application of her research focused on one county in western Kentucky, the replication of the approach developed by Woodall holds great promise for changing the lives of citizens throughout the Commonwealth.

With a specialty in oncology nursing, Woodall is recognized in western Kentucky as a valuable resource to prepare and better equip practicing nurses for this specialty. She has devoted her professional life to helping nursing professionals ready themselves for the challenges they face in the care and emotional support of their patients who are facing this life-threatening disease.

In May 2016, Dr. Woodall was selected among all the DNP graduates at Eastern Kentucky University for the Faculty Recognition Award for exemplary scholarship. Her evidence-based research was recognized for its intellectual merit as well as the direct impact on saving lives through early detection and intervention. Throughout the years, she has consistently served to increase cancer awareness, education and primary prevention through volunteer work with the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life.

Final selection of the medallion recipient is determined by majority vote of the UK Libraries National Advisory Board. The presentation of the award will be held during the UK Libraries National Advisory Board s Spring Gala.

Woodall and her family, formerly of Caldwell County, reside in Madisonville.