Madisonville Community College (MCC) is pleased to announce recipients of several named scholarships. Among the awards are:

April Whitmer E.A. and Darrel Gentry Family Endowment - April Whitmer of Bremen received the 2014 Gentry award. April has completed her second semester in the Associate Degree Nursing program. The Gentry Endowment is reserved for a pre-pharmacy, pre-med, or pre-dentistry student from Muhlenberg County, or a student enrolled in an allied health-related degree program.

Kristen Luttrell Helen Grothem Honorary Scholarship - for 2014, the $700 award was given to Kristen Luttrell of Ohio County; Kristen will graduate in December 2014 from the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. The scholarship is provided to acknowledge the contributions of Helen Grothem, who implemented the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.

Numerous Muhlenberg County residents enrolled in the MCC s nursing program are supported by the Iris Givens Scholarship Fund. Among those students are Erin Travis of Central City and Recia Stanley of Greenville. Both completed their clinical training at Muhlenberg Community Hospital and are May 2014 nursing program graduates. Fifteen nursing students received Givens Fund support during the 2013-2014 academic year along with 7-10 students in various allied health program.

Erin Travis, Recia Stanley

Madisonville Community College serves more than 80 Muhlenberg County students each academic year with School Counts! and other private scholarship awards.