Madisonville Community College honored its 2013-2014 graduates during its 45th annual commencement exercises on May 9 at the Glema Mahr Center for the Arts. Commencement is such an exciting time on campus and we were honored to celebrate this achievement with our students and their families. The college is on pace to award nearly 500 associate degrees this academic year that will help students get high wage, high demand jobs and enable them to transfer into four-year colleges, shared Chief Student Affairs Officer Dr. Jay Parrent.

Audrey Martin of Providence was the speaker for the 5:30 p.m. ceremony. She completed her studies for the Associate in Arts degree in December 2013. She was a tutor in our Learning Space and most recently served as an intern for Kentucky Circuit Court Judge Rene Williams. She was awarded the Webster County Excellence Scholarship and graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Her professional goal is to become an attorney.

Dylan Melton of Greenville was the speaker for the 7:30 p.m. ceremony. He received the Associate in Applied Science degree in the Advanced Integrated Technology program. He was a School Counts-Iris Givens Scholarship recipient and named one of MCC s Students of the Month. Melton was one of the first AIT program students placed in a co-operative education setting with Fluid Power Services.

Brook Blackburn of Madisonville was selected by MCC faculty to receive the 2013-2014 Outstanding Student award. She has served as president of MCC s Students Investigating Math and Science club, was a Phi Theta Kappa honor society member, and received the outstanding humanities student in English award. Brooke plans to transfer to the University of Louisville this fall.

Dr. Robin West, History Instructor, was selected by MCC students as the 2014 Outstanding Faculty Member. Dr. West has instilled in students a thirst for knowledge and has inspired hundreds of students to further study history. He is known to students as someone who not only sets high expectations for learning, but never fails to provide the time and individualized attention necessary for them to achieve at that level.

Students awarded credentials from Madisonville Community College during the 2013-2014 academic year were:

Graduate Degree Area
Amanda Gail Adams AAS Nursing
Erica Marie Adams AAS Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
Melinda Sue Adams AAS Clinical Lab Technician
Stephanie Michelle Adams AAS Nursing
Haylee Jordan Adcock AA
Mark T. Alexander AS
Taylor Alexander AA
Taylor Alexander AS
George Allen AA
Kayla M Allen Diploma Practical Nursing
Marie Monica Anderson AAS Nursing
Scott Wayne Anderson AAS Healthcare Technology Management
Anne Marie Archer AAS Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
Gustavo A Archila AA
Candace L Arnett AAS Nursing
Shawna Nicole Backhurst Diploma Surgical Technologist
Heather M. Baldwin AA
Christa N Barnett AAS Nursing
Teresa Ann Beasley AAS Clinical Lab Technician
John Brian Belcher AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Michelle Lynn Belt AAS Nursing
Hannah Elise Benward AA
Nicholas Scott Bernal AA
Alyssa Sue Berry AAS Nursing
Taylor Renee Berry AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Dwight E Bivins AAS Medical Information Technology
Brook Ashley Blackburn AS
Melanie M Blackburn AS
William Allen Blackburn AAS Air Conditioning Technology
Elizabeth Sue Blades Diploma Practical Nursing
Shanell L Blake AAS Criminal Justice
Myranda Fay Blankenship AS
Zackary Patrick Boarman AS
Erica D. Boggess AA
Danielle Michelle Boswell AAS Nursing
Susan Jeanette Boswell AAS EMS - Paramedic
Marlon S. Bowler AA
Katrina Katherine Bowman AA
Kari Leann Bradford AAS Nursing
Donna Lynn Bradley AAS Business Administration
Jessica Marie Bratcher AA
Katee Ley Bratcher AA
Matthew Steven Brooks AAS Criminal Justice
Scarlett Kathryn Brooks AAS Medical Information Technology
Elizabeth Anne Brown Diploma Practical Nursing
Hillary Grace Brown AA
Steven Anthony Brown AA
Brittany Layne Bryant AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Chris Bullock AAS Nursing
Jamie Darlene Burns AAS Medical Information Technology
Mariah Lei-Ann Burns AA
Susan Leah Butler AA
Ethan Ellis Calvert AAS Nursing
Ashton Taylor Campbell AA
Kaley Cannon AAS Respiratory Care
Yolanda Ruth Cantu AAS Surgical First Assisting
Allecia Michelle Caraway Diploma Practical Nursing
Justin Howard Cardwell AAS EMS - Paramedic
Misty M Carlton AAS Respiratory Care
Sierra Christine Carlton AA
Alexa Camille Carroll Diploma Surgical Technologist
Dustin Michael Carter AAS Computer Manufacturing amp; Mach
Dustin Michael Carter Diploma Machinist
Tricia LeeAnn Casebier AAS Nursing
Chelsey Kyle Cates Diploma Surgical Technologist
Tiffany Dawn Caudill AAS Nursing
Katarina Deeann Cavitt AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Sylvia C Chase AAS Criminal Justice
Danielle S Chastain AA
Plabita Chetia AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Hannah Noel Choate AAS Nursing
Megan Elizabeth Christian AAS Nursing
Penny L. Clack AAS Nursing
Jessica Elizabeth Clagett AAS Nursing
Megan Elizabeth Clary AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Ronnie LeAnn Clement AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Robert Timothy Clemmons AAS Criminal Justice
Charlotte Ann Cobb AA
Katrina Ann Cobb AAS Clinical Lab Technician
Laura Kathryn Cobb AA
Samantha Susan Cole AA
Ollie Louise Combs AAS Nursing
Lauren Elizabeth Conrad AAS Human Services
Heather C Cook AAS Medical Information Technology
Jarred R Cooper AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Emily Kay Cornelius AAS Surgical Technology
Bennie Joe Cotton AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Marinda N Cotton Diploma Surgical Technologist
Stephanie Louise Cotton Diploma Practical Nursing
Erin Michele Council AAS Nursing
Seth Hayward Courtney AS
Tamara L Cox Diploma Practical Nursing
Crystal Dawn Crawford AAS Nursing
Kelly L Creech-Woolcott Diploma Practical Nursing
Crystal Lynn Cress AAS Business Administration
Mickie Denise Crick Diploma Surgical Technologist
Melissa D Crowley Diploma Practical Nursing
Ashley Ann Crump AAS Nursing
Ryan Daniel Curry AS
Hiedi Karol Dame AAS Criminal Justice
Isaac C Daniel AS
Mary Elizabeth Daniels AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Jody D Darnell AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Pamela Gaye Darrow AAS Medical Information Technology
Heather Latashia Daugherty AAS Surgical First Assisting
Heather Latashia Daugherty Diploma Surgical Technologist
Beth Anne Davis AA
Beth Anne Davis AS
Bobby C. Davis AA
Charlie C Davis AAS Nursing
Christopher Davis AAS Surgical Technology
Katherine Shea Davis AAS Nursing
Amanda Rose Dean AA
Erin Bunny Deaton AS
Melanie Lorene DeGraef AAS Nursing
Kayla Kieu Do AS
Samantha Lauren Doll AAS Nursing
Rachel L Donahue AAS Nursing
Griffin David Donaldson AA
Derek Andrew Dukes AAS Computer and Information Technologies
Derek Andrew Dukes AAS Computer and Information Technologies
Katie Michelle Dulin AAS Radiography
Misty Dawn Dulin AAS Radiography
Zara Adele Dunbar AA
Maryssa Jean Duncan AAS Nursing
Lindsey Danielle Durham AA
Jordan David Duvall AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Mechelle Rena Earl AAS Business Administration
Mechelle Rena Earl AAS Business Administration
Jessica Leigh Eaves AAS Nursing
Michael Stuart Edens AAS Mining Technology
Ashlea Gail Edwards Diploma Practical Nursing
Samantha E Edwards AAS Nursing
Aaron Lee Ellis Diploma Practical Nursing
Michelle Lynn Embry AAS Nursing
Anita Gale Evans AA
Jessica Lynn Evans AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Clinton Tyler Ezell AAS Criminal Justice
Kayla Jean Faulk AAS Clinical Lab Technician
Adam B Fauver AAS Criminal Justice
Cody Earl Felker AAS Air Conditioning Technology
Cindy Lauren Fennell AAS Nursing
Beth H. Fiveash Diploma Practical Nursing
Lauren Olivia Floyd AAS Nursing
Hailey D Ford AS
Hilary Lynn Ford AA
Amanda Jo Foster AAS Nursing
Daymond F Foster AAS Criminal Justice
Whitley D Foster AAS Criminal Justice
Alejandra Montiel Frailey AA
Faith E Frederick AA
Glenda Faye Frederick Diploma Practical Nursing
Corey Nichole Frisk AA
Lydia Leigh Fritts AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Samuel Archie Fugate AS
Jenni Lynn Fuller AAS Nursing
Edward Gallegos AAS Industrial Maintenance
Monica Garcia AAS Business Administration
Kelly Lynn Garrett AAS Nursing
Kelly Lynn Garrett Diploma Practical Nursing
Keri Collins Garrett AAS
Callie Jordan Gates AA
Zachary M Gatten AAS Mining Technology
Travis W Giffin AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Kennya Sierra Gill AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Kelly J Gilliland Diploma Practical Nursing
Robin Dawn Gilliland AAS Nursing
Robin Dawn Gilliland Diploma Practical Nursing
Christopher R Givens AA
Elizabeth Marshall Glass AAS Nursing
Andrew Michael Glazebrook AA
Andrew Michael Glazebrook AAS Nursing
Marah Lynn Goff AAS Surgical Technology
Shawna Goins AAS Business Administration
Samantha Jo Gordon AA
Samantha Jo Gordon AAS Business Administration
William Harrison Gossett AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Matthew Dakotah Graham AA
Angela Judy Gray AAS Nursing
Jonathan Eric Grogan AS
Katelyn J Groth AAS Nursing
Brian William Groves AA
Brian William Groves AS
Holly Annette Groves AAS Nursing
Jared Allen Groves AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Macy K Groves AAS Nursing
Deborah Kay Grubb Diploma Practical Nursing
Jessica Pauline Grubbs AAS Criminal Justice
Joshua Glen Hageman AAS Radiography
Timothy Preston Hale AAS Air Conditioning Technology
Amy Elisabeth Hall AAS Nursing
Amy Elisabeth Hall Diploma Practical Nursing
Carol Joanne Hargrove AA
Jordan A Harper AA
Leighann R Harper AA
Carrie Ann Harpole AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Paige Nicole Harrell AAS Computer and Information Technologies
Gabrielle LeAnn Harris AAS Nursing
Gabrielle LeAnn Harris Diploma Practical Nursing
Heather Nicole Harris AAS Criminal Justice
Tuyet Dianna Hart AA
Clyde Harvey AAS Surgical First Assisting
Carrie Ann Haverkamp AAS Nursing
Stephanie Michelle Hawkins AA
Lisa Ann Haynes Diploma Practical Nursing
LeAnnda Rashell Heady AAS Healthcare Technology Management
Brian DeWayne Hensley AAS Business Administration
Katherine Suzanne Herald AA
Victoria Elizabeth Herndon AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Joshua Preher Herold AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Elizabeth Whittaker Hill Diploma Practical Nursing
Mary Beth Hill Diploma Practical Nursing
Rachael L Hillard AA
April Lynette Hobgood AAS Respiratory Care
Christopher Lee Hodge AAS Criminal Justice
Willis Wayne Hoffman AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Eva Hogberg AAS Radiography
Amanda Marie Holder AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Donna Holland AAS Nursing
Sherry A. Holmes AAS Nursing
Sherry A. Holmes Diploma Practical Nursing
Michael Clay Holt AAS Computer and Information Technologies
Tracy Lynn Holt AAS Business Administration
Ashley Nicole Hopper AAS Radiography
Shannon Lane Hopson Diploma Practical Nursing
Nicole Rena Houchin AAS Nursing
Jonathan Michael Howell AAS Criminal Justice
Brittany Star Howton AAS Criminal Justice
Brett Tyler Hunt AA
Brett Tyler Hunt AS
Kimberly Dawn Hunter AAS Radiography
Joseph Lussier III AS
Norman Franklin III AA
Rebecca J. Inglis AAS Nursing
Michael K. Jackson AA
Michael K. Jackson AS
Tierra D Jackson AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Jennifer Beth James AAS Nursing
Kelsey Renee James AAS Nursing
Krista Kaye Jarboe AAS Nursing
Erica Shawn Jeffrey Diploma Practical Nursing
Sena A. Jenkins AS
Jessica Laine Jobe AS
Crissy Johnston AAS Nursing
Debra G Jones Diploma Small Business Management
Kaycie Lynn Jones AAS Nursing
Kayla Marie Jones AA
Patricia Estes Jones AAS Criminal Justice
Woodie Anthony Jones AA
Clarence Bachert Jr. AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
James Frodge Jr. AAS Computer and Information Technologies
Joshua J Kalso AA
Patrick J Kearney AAS Nursing
Keith Allen Keeler AS
Tyler Gregory Kelley AA
Jeremy Michael Kelsey AS
Joshua Aaron Kendrick AA
Jensen Annette Keown Diploma Practical Nursing
Christie M Kerr AS
Matthew Robert King AA
Matthew Robert King AS
Lindsey Nicole Kirkwood AAS Nursing
Emily R Knight Diploma Practical Nursing
Matthew Barry Knight Diploma Practical Nursing
Deana L Knotts AA
Jessica Chant Lamb AAS Criminal Justice
Catrinia L. Lambert AA
Elena Genon Lander AAS Radiography
Caleb L Layne AAS Criminal Justice
Andrea Michelle Lee AA
Cory Wayne Lee AA
Marilyn F LeGrand AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Shawn Wayde LeGrand AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Ida Marie Lewis Diploma Practical Nursing
Dillon C Lile AA
Molly K Littlefield AAS Nursing
Crystal Jean Littlepage AAS Nursing
Vanessa Ann Logsdon AAS Nursing
Harold Bradford Lucas AAS Business Administration
Katherine Yvonne Lutz Diploma Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
Brittany LeAnn Major AAS Nursing
Katherine Lorrelle Majors AAS Nursing
Cherrelle Janeece Marable AA
Audrey Lynn Martin AA
Amber Lee Martz AA
Rachel Marvin AAS Medical Information Technology
Thomas J. Mason AA
Angela Beth May AAS Nursing
Melissa L. May AAS Nursing
Paula Denise Mayes AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Ashley Shante Maypray Diploma Practical Nursing
Brianne Christine McCarty AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Amanda M McClure Diploma Surgical Technologist
Shannon Renee McConnell AA
Julie M McDaniel AAS Criminal Justice
Whitney Simone' McIntosh AS
Sheena Arban McLemore AA
Magen Ruth McMackin Diploma Practical Nursing
Andrew L. McManus Diploma Practical Nursing
Caleb M McPeek AS
Colby M McPeek AS
Amber Nicole Meadows Diploma Practical Nursing
Samuel David Mercer Diploma Surgical Technologist
Nydia Faye Mercer-Rose Diploma Organizational Leadership
William W. Meriwether AA
Amanda Nicole Messamore Diploma Practical Nursing
Gregory Chase Messamore AAS Healthcare Technology Management
Brittany Katherine Miller AAS Nursing
Kayla M Miller AAS Nursing
Krystal Jolene Miranda AAS Nursing
Bethany Mitchell AAS Respiratory Care
Garrah Morgan Mitchell AAS Nursing
Tiffany Marie Mitchell AAS Radiography
Linda Jean Montgomery AAS Nursing
Linda Jean Montgomery Diploma Practical Nursing
Carissa F. Moore AA
Karen Joan Moore AAS Nursing
Cathy Jo Mott AA
Cathy Jo Mott AAS Nursing
Crystal Mae Mullins AAS Nursing
Jason Lynn Nesbitt AAS Computer and Information Technologies
Amber Necole Nolan AAS Nursing
Stephanie Dawn Oakley AA
Kimberly Sue Orange AAS Business Administration
Joshua S. Osborn AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Mary Jane Paris AA
Rhonda Youvette Parris AAS Nursing
Katelin Jo Parsley AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Drucella Pamella Parsons AA
Cody Taylor Patterson AAS Criminal Justice
Destiny Michelle Payne AAS Nursing
Chelsea Lashea Pearson AS
Heather Dawn Pearson AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Meagan Jean Pearson AAS Clinical Lab Technician
Amy Carol Pecaro AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Ethan Taylor Pendleton AA
Howard Thomas Pendley AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Charles Carl Pennington AA
Francis Arkangel Perez AAS Surgical First Assisting
Stephanie Ray Peyton AAS Nursing
Phyllis June Pfingston AAS Medical Information Technology
Kyle F Pharris AAS Criminal Justice
Joseph Brian Phelan AAS Computer and Information Technologies
Angela Danielle Phillips AAS Nursing
Brittany Marie Phillips AA
Kelly Jo Phillips AAS Nursing
Kelly Jo Phillips Diploma Practical Nursing
Lindsey Erin Phillips AAS Nursing
Nicole Katlynn Pickerel AA
Jessica Elaine Pike AAS Nursing
Patricia Piper AAS Medical Information Technology
Joey L Pleasant Diploma Practical Nursing
Pamela D. Pollard AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Krystal L Powell AAS Criminal Justice
Jenny Lynn Prather AAS Medical Information Technology
Blake L Preston AAS Criminal Justice
Lindsey Beth Pride AS
Laura Beth Pryor AAS Nursing
Lauren Elise Purdy AAS Nursing
Kayla M Putman AAS Nursing
Cora Elizabeth Rains Diploma Surgical Technologist
Kaci Dawn Rainwater AS
Tiffany Marie Randolph AAS Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
Logan Faith Rasmusson AS
Bradford S Ray Diploma Air Conditioning Technology
Linda Carol Redd AAS Nursing
Nadine Reichert AS
Hannah Marie Reynolds AA
Brittany Michelle Rhye AAS Respiratory Care
Rachel Michelle Rhye AS
Brittany Paige Richardson AAS Paralegal Technology
Katelyn Tess Richardson AA
Cashea D Rigney AAS Radiography
Samantha Anne Roberson Diploma Practical Nursing
Courtney Lynn Robertson AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Kristen Dawn Robertson AA
Crystal Gail Robinson AAS Nursing
Alejandra Rodriguez AAS Nursing
Corey A. Rolley AA
Jessica S Rolley AA
Ashley Nicole Rose AA
Christopher L Rose AAS Welding
Nycole D Ross AA
Tiffany Amber Royal AS
Benjamin Allen Ruby AS
Aaron N Russelburg AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
Emily Ann Rust AA
Scott Allen Saalwaechter AAS Computer Manufacturing amp; Mach
Cassidy Lynn Sampson AAS Clinical Lab Technician
Kelly Yvonne Sanders AAS Nursing
Carol A Scarbrough Diploma Practical Nursing
Kelsey Irene Schamp AAS Nursing
Rosanna Mae Schlabach AAS Nursing
Cassandra Renea Schneider AAS Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
Amber Marie Scott AA
Marchell Lynn Serpa AS
Amanda G Shane AAS Nursing
Thomas Eugene Shanks AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Natalie Shearon AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Shelby Layne Shouse AAS Nursing
Jennifer E. Siddens AAS Radiography
Brysen Ray Skaggs AAS Advanced Integrated Technology
Jennifer Sue Slaton AAS Nursing
Lora Dawn Slusher Diploma Practical Nursing
Jennifer L Smith AAS Nursing
Morgan Ann Smith Diploma Practical Nursing
Priscilla Ann Smith AAS Business Administration
Taylor Glenn Smith AAS Mining Technology
Teresa Yvonne Smith AAS Nursing
Margaret Montgomery Soder AA
Margaret Montgomery Soder AS
Carla Kaye South AS
Courtney Rhiannon Spears AAS Nursing
Haley Linn Spears AA
Detra Dionne Stafford AAS Business Administration
Detra Dionne Stafford AAS Business Administration
Dariann D Stanley Diploma Practical Nursing
Recia Rechele Stanley AAS Nursing
Robert Alexander Steckler AAS Healthcare Technology Management
Loren Kara Steinwachs AA
Tamara Stevens AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Corey Thomas Stevenson AAS Healthcare Technology Management
William Stobaugh AA
Amy M Stone AAS Clinical Lab Technician
Christy Marie Stone AAS Nursing
Yvonne Stone AAS Respiratory Care
Jessieca B Stroud AA
Kaylee Marie Strunk AAS Nursing
Alyssa L Stubblefield AAS Nursing
Brittany Shea Sumner AAS Respiratory Care
Kelcea Taylor Sumner AA
Brianna Leigh Sutton AA
Steffani Marie Sutton AAS Nursing
William Travis Sweeney AAS Welding
Amie Lorraine Swink Diploma Practical Nursing
Sheri Helen Tapp AAS Nursing
Jerome Thomas Taylor AAS Air Conditioning Technology
Linda M Thompson AAS Nursing
Lisa Renae Thompson AA
Tressa Hope Thompson AA
Danielle R. Tompkins AAS Business Administration
Allison Michelle Townsend AAS Nursing
Mary Amanda Travers AAS Surgical Technology
Erin E. Travis AAS Nursing
Leigh A. VanCleve AAS Nursing
Christina Vandiver AA
Casaundra K Vanover AAS Nursing
Nicole Alayne Villines AA
Leesa Beth Vincent AAS Nursing
Ashley Dawn Wallace AAS Healthcare Technology Management
Carmen R Wallace AAS Nursing
Rachel Renee Wallace AAS Clinical Lab Technician
Atrista Jean Warner AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant
Karianne Washer AS
Kara R Watkins AAS Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
Mandy R Weathers AAS Nursing
Kaleigh Elizabeth Welborn AS
Kayla Dawn Welty AAS Criminal Justice
Celeste Michelle Whitaker AAS Clinical Lab Technician
Nathan Lee Whitledge AA
Dianna Marie Wiles AA
Teresa Ann Wilhite AAS Nursing
Cassie Renee Wilkins AA
Emilee Williams AAS Nursing
Katelyn R Williams AA
Lynn Nicole Williams AAS Nursing
Tara Nakole Williams AAS Paralegal Technology
Paige Shalee Wilson AAS Nursing
Cassandra Lynn Winders AAS Criminal Justice
Shannon M Witherspoon AAS Nursing
Jill Withrow AAS Nursing
Nathan Wayne Woodruff AA
Brittany Nicole Wooton AAS Nursing
Leah Cherie Yandall AAS Radiography
Ashley Mariea Zackery AAS Paralegal Technology