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Companies in and around Madisonville are looking to hire our Computerized Manufacturing and Machining graduates because they know they have the skills they’re looking for. If you’re interested in a becoming a CNC machinist, we’ll help get you there!

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Benefits of the CMM Program

Here are a few perks of the CMM Program:

  • Tuition free for those who qualify for the Work Ready KY Scholarship
  • Job security in an in-demand industry
  • Online and hands-on learning offered
Machining and 3D Printing Technology

CNC machining and 3D Printing work hand-in-hand in the manufacturing process. Machining creates objects by removing material from a workpiece and 3D printing creates objects by adding material to a workpiece. Both technologies share a similar design process using 3D modeling software.

With the lowest tuition in the state, you can keep money in your pocket while earning your degree. Make the smart choice to continue your education and set yourself up for success.

Never Underestimate You