Mining Technology

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What is Mining Technology?

The Mining Technology program focuses on the knowledge needed to succeed in the coal mining industry. Emphasis is given to the statutory rights and safety procedures in all offerings, including the self-rescuer device, transportation controls, communication controls, mining conditions, mining methods, and mining cycle. You will operate and troubleshoot virtual mining equipment. Upon graduation from the program, you will be knowledgeable of escapeways, emergency procedures, roof control, ground control, ventilation, health hazards, clean-up and rock dusting, health and safety aspects of assigned task, mine gases, explosives, and first aid. Kentucky Coal Academy scholarships are available for Mining Technology students

100% Online Option - Scholarships Available

What are my career choices?

A growing need for heavy equipment operators creates opportunities for the trained operator. Due to the shortage of heavy equipment operators and the growing technology, heavy equipment operation is an in-demand field. Use your training to become a backhoe operator, excavator operator, loader, crane operator, grader operator or a forklift operator.

What classes do I have to take?

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)


  • Mining Technician Assistant II Certificate (8-10 credit hours)
  • Mining Technician I Certificate (9-12 credit Hours) AVAILABLE ONLINE
  • Mining Technician II Certificate (18-22 credit hours)
  • Surface Field Mechanic Certificate (11-13 credit hours)
  • Surface Operator Certificate ( 9-11 credit hours)
  • Surface Supervisor Certificate (13-18 credit hours)
  • Underground Mechanic/Electrician (28-35 credit hours)
  • Underground Operator Certificate (7-9 credit hours)
  • Underground Supervisor (16-21 credit hours)
  • (List of Mining Certificates Available)

Experiential Credit for Certifications


Classes Given Credit for Mining Program

KY UG Miner s Card

MNG 160 Elements of Underground Mining
KY Surf Miner s Card MNG 170 Elements of Surface Mining
Mine Foreman MNG 150 Mining Laws MNG 286 Roof Control and Ventilation (UG Cards Only, Can Serve as a Technical Elective) MNG 274 Mine Safety
EMT/MET KHP 190 First Aid & Emergency Care
Electrical Card AIT 1001 Basic Electrical Knowledge AIT 1002 Power Development AIT 1101 Electrical Power Distribution AIT 1201 Electrical Installation
OSHA (Safety) - Must be a 10 or above AIT 160 Workplace Safety

Additional Information

Surface Technician/Greaser: 8 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Underground Operator: 7 - 9 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Mining Technician Assistant 1: 10 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Mining Technician Assistant 2: 8 - 10 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Surface Operator: 9 - 11 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Mining Technician 1: 9 - 12 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Surface Field Mechanic: 11 - 13 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Surface Supervisor: 13 - 18 Total credit hours
Mining Technician 2: 18 -22 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Underground Supervisor: 16 - 21 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Underground Mining Repair Technology: 50 - 60 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Engineering Operations Track: 61 - 63 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Mining Technology- Supervisor Track: 62 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Mining Technology- Electricians Track: 62 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Mining Technology- Operators Track: 60 - 66 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS

Applicable mining certifications from states contiguous to Kentucky will be considered for experiential credit

if they are current, and if accepted by the Kentucky Division of Mine Safety for employment purposes.

(Expired Cards do not count, they must be up to date.)

Scholarship Information

Mining Technology majors are eligible for full-tuition scholarships each semester. Interested students should complete the 2017 KCA Scholarship Application. All students must maintain 2.0 GPA to remain eligible for KCA scholarships.

Admission Requirements

This program has no special admission requirements. Please consult MCC s general admission requirements.

Length of Program

You can earn an associate in applied science degree in two years if you maintain full-time status.

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

Program Contact

Bart Allen
Mining Technoclogy
Program Coordinator