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Occupational Therapy FAQ


Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

All are welcome to attend the preadmission conferences to learn about the program and the process.  Applicants must attend one mandatory preadmission conference in the academic year they plan to apply. Do not wait until the last meeting.

An overview of the OTA Program at MCC is discussed. The application process, selective admissions process, and application requirements are reviewed. The rigor of the OTA program is discussed. Applicants are provided the OTA Program application and observation forms at the preadmission conference.

Applicants must complete OTA 101 before admission into the OTA program and OTA 101 is only offered in the fall and spring. OTA 101 is an online course and admission into MCC may not be required for this course. MCC’s OTA 101 Introduction to Occupational Therapy is a 3-credit hour class

No, all required prerequisites including OTA 101 Introduction to Occupational Therapy must be completed by August of the year one applies.  All applications are due March 1 for persons interested in starting the OTA program in the fall.

Written by: Kim Qualls (8/30/2019)