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Advanced Integrated Technology

Advanced Integrated Technology

Learn the skills needed to become an industrial maintenance technician.

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What is Advanced Integrated Technology?

The Advanced Integrated Technology (AIT) program, which offers 4 certificate options, integrates various technologies in order to educate you with a diverse skill needed in today's high-tech industrial, and health care settings. Upon completion of an AIT degree, you will be able to install, manage, maintain, calibrate, troubleshoot, repair, test, and inspect state of the art equipment and systems having a technologically diverse design.

What are my career choices?

Upon completing the Multi-Skilled Industrial Technician option you will have a diverse set of skills and knowledge needed to obtain employment in various settings including those within the manufacturing and industrial sectors. You will be able to perform a variety of multidisciplinary tasks traditionally performed by a number of field-specific technicians, thus providing a cost effective and highly sought alternative for employers.

About the Industry

Multi-skilled technicians are highly skilled professionals who can work in a variety of industrial and manufacturing settings. These professionals are able to diagnose and repair equipment in multiple fields. The job outlook for our graduates in AIT is very strong. As individuals in these fields are retiring at a higher rate, there is a great demand for graduates with these highly technical and needed skills. 

What are my degree, diploma or certificate options?

  • Advanced Integrated Technology AAS
  • Certificates available are listed below:
    • Ammonia Refrigeration Fundamentals 
    • Electrical Maintenance Technician 
    • Engineering Controls 
    • Industrial Mechanic 
    • Industrial Refrigeration 
    • Multi-Skilled Maintenance Apprentice 
    • Multi-Skilled Technician 
    • Skilled Operator 
    • Utility Technician 

Training and Certification

Articulation agreements with regional and in-state universities allow you to apply your credit hours awarded in the AIT program towards a bachelor's degree. The AIT curriculum is modularized. This means courses and broken up into smaller segments that students can take just if they need training in a certain area. The smaller modules are combined to make up all the courses in the program.  

Admission Requirements

This program has no special admission requirements. Please consult MCC's general admission requirements at this link for more information. 


Scholarship Information

Students majoring in AIT may be eligible for a program specific scholarship for up to $500 each semester of enrollment. A number of private scholarships and other awards are available to eligible students to help with the cost of your education.

Length of Program

Due to the flexible on-site scheduling of laboratory course work and online delivery of instructional course work, the time it takes to complete the degree requirements will vary.

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

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