Computer and Copier Usage

The Loman C. Trover Library and the Nursing & Allied Health Library both have computers, a printer, and a photocopier that students can use. Since the libraries operate separately from the college's Information Technology department, the libraries enact the following regulations (in addition to the MCC Computer Use Policies):

  • Computers: The computers in the library come equipped with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office software. Occasionally, students using the computers for homework or for personal use may be asked to free up their computer. Priority is always given first to students conducting library research, taking a proctored exam (by appointment), or who need library instruction/assistance.
  • Printing: The computers in the library are hooked up to a black & white (not color) printer located behind the Help Desk. Printing costs 10 cents per page. Students can pay at the Help Desk when retrieving their material. Students cannot print in the library from their personal laptops, as the printer isn't part of the wireless network.
  • Photocopier: Copies can be made on the black & white (not color) photocopier for 10 cents per page. Students must obey copyright laws when using the copy machine. The library staff can assist students with using the copy machine, but they cannot make copies for students due to liability issues.