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The Learning Space at Madisonville Community College: Empowering Student Success

July 13, 2023

Madisonville Community College (MCC) is committed to student success by providing students with a supportive and enriching learning environment. One of the key resources available to MCC students is The Learning Space, a tutoring and academic coaching center designed to help students excel in their studies. Whether it's in-person or remote assistance, technical support, or workshops, The Learning Space is dedicated to empowering students to achieve their academic goals. In this blog post, we will explore the various services offered by The Learning Space and how they contribute to the success of MCC students.

Comprehensive Tutoring and Academic Support

The Learning Space offers a wide range of tutoring services tailored to meet the diverse needs of MCC students. Whether students require writing tutor, math tutor, peer tutor, any other subject, MCC has a tutoring service for them. Students can access tutoring sessions in multiple formats:

  1. In-person tutoring session: Located on the Madisonville campus, MCC students can benefit from one-on-one tutoring sessions with knowledgeable tutors who provide personalized support.
  2. Remote tutoring: Recognizing the need for flexibility, The Learning Space offers remote tutoring options. Through shared screens and video conferencing, students can receive tutoring assistance from the comfort of their own homes, expanding accessibility for those unable to attend in-person sessions.
  3. Campus-specific tutoring: The Learning Space extends its reach beyond the Madisonville campus, offering tutoring services on the Muhlenberg and Health campuses. This ensures that students across MCC's various locations have access to the support they need.

Additional Support Services

Apart from tutoring, The Learning Space provides an array of support services to enhance students' academic experiences:

  • Blackboard Help: Navigating the college's online learning management system can sometimes be challenging. The Learning Space offers assistance and guidance on using Blackboard effectively, ensuring students can make the most of online resources.
  • Tech Support: Technical difficulties can disrupt a student's progress. The Learning Space is there to provide technical support, troubleshooting common issues, and ensuring smooth technology integration into the learning process.
  • ePaper Reviews: Written assignments are an essential part of a student's academic journey. With ePaper Reviews, students can submit their papers for review and feedback, helping them refine their writing skills and improve their work.
  • Workshops and Webinars: The Learning Space hosts informative workshops and webinars on various academic topics, study strategies, and time management skills. These interactive sessions equip students with valuable tools and techniques to enhance their learning abilities.
  • Test Prep: The Learning Space offers resources and guidance for test preparation, equipping students with the skills and confidence necessary to excel in exams. From standardized tests to course-specific assessments, students can access materials and strategies to optimize their performance.
  • Academic Coaching: The Learning Space understands that academic success extends beyond subject-specific knowledge. Academic coaching is available to assist students in setting goals, developing effective study habits, managing time efficiently, and improving overall learning strategies.

Booking Appointments

Scheduling appointments with The Learning Space is a hassle-free process. Students can easily book their own remote or in-person appointments through the convenient online Bookings pages. For any specific requests or inquiries, students can reach out via email to, and a prompt response is guaranteed.
The Learning Space at Madisonville Community College is a vital resource that plays a crucial role in supporting student success. By offering comprehensive tutoring, technical support, and various academic services, The Learning Space ensures that students have access to the assistance they need to thrive academically. With a commitment to flexibility and inclusivity, MCC students can take advantage of both in-person and remote support options. The Learning Space stands as a testament to MCC's dedication to empowering students on their educational journey, providing them with the tools and guidance necessary to reach their full potential.