Madisonville Community College s Work amp; Learn and Ready to Work programs are great resources for Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (K-TAP) eligible students. Contracts for both programs with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department for Community Based Services have been funded for fiscal year 2015.

An individual thinking about or currently working toward earning his/her GED may find that the Work and Learn program can assist in locating part time employment to provide a source of income during the GED coursework. It is designed to promote the success of K-TAP recipients in adult basic education who are within a year of earning a GED or high school graduates needing basic skills remediation prior to enrolling in college. Participants have the opportunity to gain work experience while earning wages that will not reduce their K-TAP income. In addition to job readiness, life skills, and academic success training, participants also receive career counseling, advising, plus referrals to community resources. Many Work and Learn program students successfully transition to the Ready to Work program upon enrollment at MCC.

MCC students who are receiving KTAP benefits are eligible for the Ready to Work Program. Students are provided assistance with navigating the college s enrollment and financial aid processes as well as career counseling, advising and academic success training. Participants also receive information about on-campus and community resources applicable to their needs.

Like the Work and Learn program, participants in the Ready to Work program have the opportunity to earn wages and gain work experience through work-study positions either on campus or in their local community. This income does not reduce the student s KTAP income. Ready to Work program coordinator Temesia Perdue works closely with the student's KTAP case manager to assure that the student accesses all available resources to be successful in college while remaining in compliance with KTAP regulations.

Perdue is excited about the upcoming year. This will be the 18th year that the Ready to Work and Work amp; Learn programs have been funded through the Department for Community Based Services. Funding continues because the programs work and our students are succeeding. The programs housed at Madisonville Community College served 90 students during the 2013-2014 academic year. Of the 77 that were a part of the Ready to Work program, 12 graduated with either a certificate, diploma, or degree that will allow them to provide a better future for their families. Being funded for another year is exciting; it means that there will be that many more students that we will be able to reach out to and help be successful. I have the firm belief that anyone can succeed with the right guidance and my job is to provide that guidance. By helping my students overcome their personal barriers, I am giving them the tools to build a better future. Their success is my success and I love to celebrate with them! I m looking forward to another great year!

LaTasha McClure, Summer 2014 practical nursing graduate, cannot say enough good things about the Ready to Work program. Temesia really took me under her wing, encouraged me, and had faith in my success. She worked with me to overcome my personal barriers and had great patience with me despite the circumstances that I faced. She was an important asset to my education and a blessing to my life. I could not have made it without her help!

Fellow student Allison Townsend, Spring 2014 associate degree nursing graduate, agrees wholeheartedly. I could not have been successful without Temesia and the Ready to Work program. She was a big part of my success and a true Godsend! She cared for me as a person and wasn t just simply doing her job . She and Ready to Work are greatly appreciated!

Education is a pathway to self-sufficiency. If you are motivated and ready to take the next step to self-sufficiency in your life, then Work amp; Learn and/or Ready to Work are the right places for you! For more information, contact Temesia Perdue at 270.824.8670.