Representatives of the Webster County Kids to College (WCK2C) program are pleased to announce a donation from Tom and Paula Glover and Thrifty Pharmacy in the amount of $50,000. WCK2C is a work ethic/scholarship program for students at Webster County High School that was implemented in the 2015-2016 school year.

Paula and I are extremely excited to support WCK2C. This is part of our give-back. We are proud of the partnership with Madisonville Community College, Henderson Community College, Webster County Schools, parents and students. We are happy to give back to a community that has been very supportive of us, our family, and Thrifty Pharmacy. We desire that the cost of education never be a barrier again to students in Webster County to higher education. I am already looking forward to graduation night in 2019, when, hopefully, there will be 90% of our graduates saying I am going to college. Let s start having 5th graders saying, I can go to college. Nobody in my family has gone to college and I m going to be the first. If we can develop that mentality with our students and with teachers helping to promote that, this is going to be an extremely successful program, stated Tom Glover.

Madisonville Community College President Dr. Judith L. Rhoads expressed her gratitude for the support the Glovers have demonstrated for the WCK2C program. I am most appreciative of Paula s and Tom s generous support for the scholarship program. They have invested in the future of Webster County. Their financial contribution and support, along with that of others, will help to change lives through access to postsecondary education. WCK2C program has a current balance of $440,000 with a fundraising goal of an additional $200,000 this year and possibly another $200,000 for the next year. The first scholarships will be awarded to students in the Class of 2019 who have meet the program s criteria each high school year.

Parents of freshman students had the opportunity to complete WCK2C enrollment of students at the beginning of the school year. Students must successfully meet the following criteria each school year to remain in the program and earn a Work Ethic Certificate:
  • Attendance - Maintain a minimum 95% attendance (includes all excused/unexcused absences and tardies with the exception of school-related activities)
  • Quality - Maintain a minimum 2.50 grade point average (GPA) each academic year
  • Rigor - Take more than the minimum number of credits required for graduation
  • Persistence - Complete high school in four years
Each student earning 4 WCK2C work ethic certificates will be eligible for a tuition scholarship for up to $1,000 each semester for 4 semesters upon enrollment at Henderson Community College or Madisonville Community College. WCK2C scholarship funds are applied after KEES, financial aid, and other scholarships have been awarded.

Dr. Kris Williams, President of Henderson Community College, noted the importance of parents and students understanding that the community is coming together around one purpose and one action. As Webster County works on its economic development goals, as it works on becoming a Work Ready certified community, as the elementary, middle and high schools continue to reinvigorate to keep pushing forward, these kids will all hear the message that your community wants you to go to college. They may not hearing that at home, but they will hear it at school and they will hear it in the community. I applaud the Glovers. I applaud the other donors to this fund. I hope we move forward very quickly to reach our fundraising goals.

Individuals interested in obtaining more information about the WCK2C work ethic scholarship program and/or the fundraising campaign can contact Judge Jim Townsend 270.639.5042; Dr. Rachel Yarbrough 270.639.5083; Dr. Judy Rhoads 270.824.8562; Dr. Kris Williams 270.831.9626; or Tom Glover 270.836.3323