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Muhlenberg Banks Awarded for College Advocacy

CENTRAL CITY, Ky. (10.25.2010) Muhlenberg County s Old National Bank, First Kentucky Bank of Greenville and Central City, and First National Bank of Muhlenberg County were recently recognized collectively by the Kentucky Bankers Association (KBA) with the 2010 Award of Excellence for commitment to customers, employees, stockholders, and the community in general.

Specifically, the KBA stated that the three banks heightened awareness of key factors for surviving and thriving in the future, generated new ideas that facilitated service to customers, employees and shareholders, and encouraged all member institutions to improve business performance and participate in the growth and success of their communities.

One reason in particular given for presenting the Award of Excellence was the involvement by all three banks in the successful effort of the 1990s to build a local site of Madisonville Community College in Muhlenberg County. Between 1995 and 2001, the banks and their board members contributed over $1.4 million in cash and in-kind gifts collectively for campus construction, and two leading bank officials, Dennis Kirtley and John Stovall served as local campaign co-chairs. Banking representatives also successful solicited several major external gifts and board members continue advocacy for private support to MCC.

The $1.4 million provided by the three banks represented 34% of the project s total cost and each bank has continued to support MCC s programs and activities over the past decade. Today the Muhlenberg Campus has over 750 credit students, and many of these individuals stay close to their hometowns with highly employable associate degrees. As a formal thank you for their collective good will, Madisonville Community College has recognized each bank individually over the past decade at the annual KCTCS Benefactors Gala.