Madisonville Community College (MCC) proudly announces the 2016 New Horizons Awards of Excellence. Employees are selected for the award based on significance and innovation of his/her achievement in the past year.

Debbie Alsip, Senior Administrative Assistant in Academic Affairs, was presented the 2016 New Horizons Staff Award of Excellence. In every aspect of her job, Alsip has continually demonstrated excellence in how she approaches and organizes her work and dedicates that work to advancing the college. She is the manager behind the college s faculty promotion and performance review processes. In building an effective and efficient class schedule, Alsip has become adept at developing reports to examine enrollment, finding new ways to capture and present data to aid academic leadership in making informed decisions. As noted by her supervisor, There is nothing that touches Academic Affairs that Debbie Alsip has not put her mark of excellence on.

Aimee Wilkerson was the recipient of the 2016 New Horizons Professional Staff Award of Excellence. Wilkerson serves as the college s Director of Enrollment Management. Her commitment to student service is unparalleled and she consistently goes above and beyond to ensure students receive excellent service. Chief Student Affairs Officer Dr. Jay Parrent shared, Aimee is respected by her colleagues and has worked hard to support numerous college-wide initiatives over her career. She has a sense of humor and approaches her work with a tireless focus on the student experience and what the college can do to improve it.

The MCC New Horizons Faculty Award of Excellence 2016 was presented to Dr. Mary Werner. She has served as Division Chair for Humanities twice and both times has been a supportive and forward-thinking leader for that division. She has been deeply involved in the Common Reader initiative since its inception in 2009. Over the last few years, Dr. Werner has deepened her knowledge of the college s accreditation process and the requirements for a successful reaffirmation. She has served on several Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) visiting teams, bringing back to MCC an invaluable understanding of the standards for accreditation as well as the Quality Enhancement Plan. Her literary talents are well known in the community as well. She is a member of a local writers group and has won several awards for her short fiction. Dr. Mary Werner gives unselfishly in support of her students whether it is in the classroom, providing career advice, or academic advising. She is a vocal champion of the needs of students and encourages other faculty by her own actions.