Registration for Spring 2016 classes is underway at the Muhlenberg County Campus of Madisonville Community College. The Muhlenberg County Campus offers over 35 classes for students. Classes vary for those who are interested in earning either an associate of art or associate of science transfer degree. Or, students may take basic courses required for a certificate, diploma, or degree in one of more than 20 challenging career fields. A full list of these classes is located at

Featured on the Muhlenberg County Campus are courses to prepare students for entry-level positions in the nursing field. There are three NAA 100, Skilled Nurse Assistant I, courses on the schedule offered during the day and evening. This course, required for students interested in going on further into nursing, prepares students for the state test to work as a certified nursing assistant in a hospital or long term care setting.

As Dr. Jay Parrent, Chief Student Affairs Officer notes, The registration process at the Muhlenberg Campus is quick and easy. We have a lot of great technical and transfer courses on the schedule so I encourage students to register early for the spring. Current students are encouraged to contact their assigned academic advisor. Open registration for returning, readmits, and transfer students is going on now. New students may schedule an appointment with an academic advisor at either the Muhlenberg County Campus (270-757-9881) or the Enrollment Center on the North Campus (270-824-8657; 2000 College Drive, Madisonville).

Community college remains the most affordable college option. Over 80% of MCC students receive some form of financial aid. Muhlenberg County students, over 25 years of age, who have some college but have been out of school for sometime are also encouraged to ask about the Martin Scholars program. This program is funded by the Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation.

For more information, contact Penny Jessup, Student Affairs Specialist at the Muhlenberg County Campus, at 270-757-9881.