Hundreds Participate in KCTCS Rally at Kentucky State Capitol | MCC

Hundreds Participate in KCTCS Rally at Kentucky State Capitol

Frankfort, Ky. (Feb. 26, 2010) The chant, K-C-T-C-S, No More Cuts! reverberated through the Kentucky state capitol yesterday as more than 600 Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) students, employees, faculty and others rallied to encourage legislators to make smart investments in Kentucky s future by investing in KCTCS.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear proclaimed February 25, 2010 as Kentucky Community and Technical College System Day in Kentucky.

Those who rallied represented the 8,425 people who have signed the Kentuckians for Community and Technical Colleges petition, as well as the more than 100,000 students who attend the 16 KCTCS colleges on 68 campuses. The petition is part of a grassroots advocacy campaign to keep higher education accessible to grow our economy and to help Kentuckians find high-wage, high-growth jobs.

We are here today to demonstrate to state lawmakers the important role KCTCS plays in the lives of Kentuckians and the state s economy, and to ask them to make smart investments by doing two things, said KCTCS President Michael B. McCall at the rally. First, maintain our base funding. In other words, no more cuts. KCTCS has taken eight budget cuts during the past ten years. The second thing we are asking lawmakers is to pass a transfer bill HB160 which is currently in the Senate. This bill will help to eliminate the barriers many of you face when transferring to one of the state s public universities.

The crowd roared in approval of Dr. McCall s requests to the lawmakers. Real students who are taking advantage of the quality education KCTCS is offering Kentuckians right now also spoke at the rally, sharing their stories about how KCTCS has transformed their lives as it transforms Kentucky.

KCTCS is essential to the economic future of Kentucky. KCTCS provides the postsecondary education necessary to transform lives and transform Kentucky.

Over 50 faculty, staff, students, and community members from Hopkins and Muhlenberg counties attended the Rally in support of KCTCS and Madisonville Community College.

In addition to attending the Rally, participants enjoyed lunch hosted by Senator Jerry Rhoads; toured the Capitol and the Governor s mansion; and learned about Kentucky history from former MCC history professor Bob Adkins.