The thirty-fourth annual Regional Mathematics contest for eighth grade students was held at Madisonville Community College (MCC) on April 17. Students from Hopkins, McLean, Muhlenberg, and Webster counties were invited to participate. Math teams from Browning Springs Middle School, Dawson Springs Middle School, James Madison Middle Schools, Muhlenberg North Middle School, Muhlenberg South Middle School, South Hopkins Middle School, Webster County Middle School and West Hopkins School participated in the contest. MCC math faculty members Ms. Sharie Davis and Dr. Roger Warren co-coordinated the math contest.

The James Madison Middle School 8th grade math team coached by Catherine Hughes and Joshua Ipock took first place. Webster County Middle School, coached by Dawn Powell, finished second.

The top five individuals in the region were:
1st place Meg Panor, James Madison Middle School
2nd place Gracey Kelley, Webster County Middle School
3rd place Lillian Moore, Browning Springs Middle School
4th place- Lilly Kirby, Muhlenberg South Middle School
5th place Kyndall Wolf, Webster County Middle School

The top two individuals from each school were:
Browning Springs Middle School
o 1st Lillian Moore
o 2nd Harmony Cates

Dawson Springs Middle School
o 1st Kylie Littlejohn
o 2nd Marlee Burden

James Madison Middle School
o 1st Meg Panor
o 2nd Martha Popescu

Muhlenberg North Middle School
o 1st Alle Short
o 2nd Chloe Embry

Muhlenberg South Middle School
o 1st Lilly Kirby
o 2nd Cameron Stanley

South Hopkins Middle School
o 1st Blake Herring
o 2nd Emma O Leary

Webster County School
o 1st Gracey Kelley
o 2nd Kyndall Wolf

West Hopkins School
o 1st Hannah Harrell
o 2nd Emily Hooper

Participating teams were:

Browning Springs Middle School Trent Allen, Harmony Cates, Averi Moody, Lillian Moore, Elijah Oakley; Katie Vaught, Coach

Dawson Springs Middle School Marlee Burden, Cole Cunningham, Kylie Littlejohn, Kayla Nichols, Tyler Weir; Beth Dillingham, Coach

James Madison Middle School Houston Knox, Meg Panor, Eli Polley, Martha Popescu, Isabelle Stanfield; Catherine Hughes and Joshua Ipock, Coaches

Muhlenberg North Middle School Trey Boggess, Kaitlyn Duncan, Chloe Embry, Alle Short, Reed Stobaugh; Laura Franklin, Coach

Muhlenberg South Middle School Kyndal Bard, Kody Bush, J. T. Elswick, Lilly Kirby, Cameron Stanley; Debbie Gilmore, Coach

South Hopkins Middle School Sydney Abbott, Clay Bedwell, Blake Herring, Olivia Latham, Emma O Leary, Joie Porter; Kylee Beshear, Coach

Webster County Middle School Gracey Kelley, Hailey McNaughton, Shelby Shadrick, Will Prow, Kyndall Wolf, Kayla Yates; Dawn Powell, Coach

West Hopkins School Romie Faizal, Laney Farmer, Hannah Funkhouser, Hannah Harrell, Emily Hooper, Brenden Sisemore; Dana Mullins, Coach