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Madisonville Community College (MCC) is pleased to announce that its Girls in Engineering and Technology, a program that helps sixth-grade girls learn about science and technology, has received $5,000 from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). TVA has a long history of supporting public education, particularly that which promotes development of skills in the science and technology fields, said Sarah Davasher, TVA Valley Relations Manager. The program is funded by TVA and presented by MCC for students in the Hopkins County and Muhlenberg County school systems.

The program is designed to give girls hands-on experience that will build confidence and broaden their knowledge of career opportunities in the fields of math, science, and technology, said Mike Davenport, MCC s Director of Workforce Solutions. The program serves approximately 300 sixth-grade girls in Hopkins County and over 200 in Muhlenberg County. Students are asked to build a fictional pipeline between western Kentucky coal mines and the TVA Paradise Fossil Plant. Students draft the plan, create a budget and ultimately power simulated generators that will test the success of their efforts. Students also meet with women who are already working in the industry or who are studying in science and technology fields in high school and college.