Transitional Education Accelerating Gains Program - June 6-22, 2012 | MCC

Transitional Education Accelerating Gains Program - June 6-22, 2012

Madisonville Community College is pleased to offer rising seniors and graduating seniors an opportunity to remediate in areas of writing, reading, and math before the next academic year. With the implementation of the new (SB1) Unbridled Learning- Assessment amp; Accountability system, school districts are faced with making rapid progress toward increasing the number of students who are college and career ready. This effort is designed specifically to address this need.

What Will Take Place?

Students will work through the modules under the guidance of college reading, writing, and math faculty along with the math education specialists. Using the NCAT (National Center for Academic Transformation) model, students will complete practice problems and will be evaluated on their mastery of concepts at their own pace. Faculty work as facilitators for the learning experience, scaffolding skill acquisition through the sequence of modules.

All three academic tracks will use the Pearson labs to support the instruction MyMathLab, MyWritingLab, and MyReadingLab. Access codes to this software will be purchased and provided by the college.

Summer 2011 Math Acceleration Program Results

Upon completion of the Summer 2011 three-week program, students took the math portion of the Compass placement exam. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Nine of the 10 students increased their scores, with 8 students scoring into a higher course as a result of the program. Several students tested into 2 courses above their entry score and one student moved from MAT 55, which is the lowest level of transitional math to MAT 150, which is college algebra.

As valuable and impressive as the advancements in math skills were, the students also experienced an increase in their level of confidence as a result of this program. They learned that they were capable of learning math, which for some students had been a stumbling block for many years. It is because of this potential for acceleration in these important skill areas that the college is planning to offer an expanded program this summer.

When amp; Where

All labs will be conducted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from June 6 June 21 from 12:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. The reading, writing, and math programs will take place on the North Campus of MCC. Room assignments to be announced.


Invitations to participate in the Transitional Education Accelerating Gains program for Summer 2012 are extended to students of Dawson Springs High School, Madisonville North Hopkins High School, Hopkins County Central High School, Muhlenberg County High School, Webster County High School, Caldwell County High School, and McLean County High School.

MCC will accept referrals from the high school administration and counselors for participation in the program. Referrals for this program will be accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis and should be directed to Ms. Debbie Fisher, Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs at Her telephone number is (270) 824-8564.

To request a referral form and/or for additional information, please contact your high school guidance office.