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Madisonville Community College s Muhlenberg County Campus hosted the 6th annual 5th Grade Math Contest, 5th annual 3rd Grade Math Contest, and the 4th annual 3rd and 5th Grade Spelling Contests on November 21. Contest winners were:

Math Contest

3rd Grade
o Central City: Gavin Carruba (2nd place), Spencer Shemwell (1st place)
o Bremen: Dakota Dukes (2nd place), Zack Flener (1st place)
o Muhlenberg South: Nate Harper (2nd place), Abram Durall (1st place)
o Longest: Corey Crick (2nd place), Kayleb Duckett (1st place)
o Greenville: Dylan Crim (2nd place), Eli Finley (1st place)

Overall Winners - Individuals
o 3rd place: Dylan Crim (Greenville)
o 2nd place: Abram Durall (South)
o 1st place: Eli Finley (Greenville)

Overall Winners - Teams
o 3rd place: Muhlenberg South
o 2nd place: Longest
o 1st place: Greenville

5th Grade
o Central City: Ryan Vincent (2nd place), Buzzy Ashley (1st place)
o Bremen: Jake Allen (2nd place), Bryson Morris (1st place)
o Muhlenberg South: Ty Hardison (2nd place), Hayden Jones (1st place)
o Longest: Delaney Teague (2nd place), Ryan Jones (1st place)
o Greenville: Dylan Niemi (2nd place), James Alex Robards (1st place)

Overall Winners - Individuals
o 3rd place: Bryson Morris (Bremen)
o 2nd place: Hayden Jones (South)
o 1st place: Ryan Jones (Longest)

Overall Winners - Teams
o 3rd place: Longest
o 2nd place: Greenville
o 1st place: Muhlenberg South

Spelling Contest

3rd Grade
o Bremen: Ricky Gonsalez (2nd place), Willow Strader (1st place)
o Central City: Jarett Slobig (2nd place), Jayden Moore (1st place)
o Greenville: Raegann Gunn (2nd place), Hailey Pendley (1st place)
o Longest: Karsyn Grundy (2nd place), Kennedy Reynolds (1st place)
o South: Abby Carnithan (2nd place), Gracie Flener (1st place)

3rd Grade Overall Winners:
o 3rd place: Hailey Pendley (Greenville)
o 2nd place: Willow Strader (Bremen)
o 1st place: Jayden Moore (Central City)

5th Grade
o Bremen: Emily Wood (2nd place), Abbigail Lindsey (1st place)
o Central City: Olivia Hall (2nd place), Brooklyn McPherson (1st place)
o Greenville: Whitlee Stovall (2nd place), Parker Brady (1st place)
o Longest: Emma Coombs (2nd place), Kaylee Merida (1st place)
o South: Jackson Rigney (2nd place), Hannah Crowder (1st place)

5th Grade Overall Winners:
o 3rd place: Abbigail Lindsey (Bremen)
o 2nd place: Hannah Crowder (South)
o 1st place: Parker Brady (Greenville)

Overall School Winner: Greenville Elementary