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Richard L. and Phyllis Frymire Prize for Excellence in Teaching Established

Madisonville Community College is pleased to announce the establishment of the Richard L. and Phyllis Frymire Prize for Excellence in Teaching award.  Made available through a generous gift by the Frymires to the Madisonville College Foundation, Inc., the prize would be awarded annually to a faculty member(s) who has demonstrated current excellence in teaching.  The MCC President has been charged with appointing committees to establish criteria for the prize award and to select annual winner(s).  

“This award will allow us to recognize excellence in teaching that helps our students be successful in reaching their educational goals.  Highlighting outstanding pedagogy will make our college stronger.  We are fortunate to have the continuing support of Mr. and Mrs. Frymire through this generous gift,” stated MCC President Dr. Cindy Kelley. 

In a prepared statement, Mr. Frymire shared, “Most students remember, fondly, a teacher who made a difference in their lives.  Teachers, like students, thrive on recognition.  For our younger students, we give gold stars to both recognize their past accomplishments and to provide encouragement for the future.  Perhaps this prize, given annually for excellence in teaching, can be the gold star recognition for faculty members at Madisonville Community College.  Phyllis and I are privileged to establish this prize opportunity for the faculty of MCC.  We appreciate the faculty and their continuing accomplishments, both in the community and at MCC.” 

Madisonville College Foundation Chair R. Steven Cox noted, “The Frymires have been dedicated supporters of Madisonville Community College from the very beginning. This generous gift will help the college recognize and reward outstanding educators. We are deeply grateful to the Frymires for their continued commitment to MCC.”