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Work and Learn FAQs

What types of jobs are available to Work and Learn students?

You are placed in your field of study according to your job skills and work experience. You are given a career assessment to help them decide what career goal is best for you.

How many hours can I work per week?

The Work and Learn program pays the participant federal minimum wage for 20 hours per week to meet K-TAP work requirements.

How will I be paid?

As a student worker in the Work and Learn program, you are paid by KCTCS. KCTCS issues payroll by electronic direct deposit into your savings or checking account. You may print your own paycheck information from the employee self-service feature.

What does KCTCS require to become a work-study participant?

You must complete payroll forms that are required by the Human Resource department. KCTCS also requires a criminal background check on each work-study participant. Your Work and Learn case manager will help you with all the necessary paperwork.

What does my adult education component consist of?

Your adult education course begins with a short assessment to determine your academic strengths and weaknesses. Your study plan will consist of those skills that you need to sharpen before taking the GED or COMPASS test.

Will I get credit for participating in the adult education component?

Study hours are required to be a participant in the Work and Learn program and attendance is monitored. When you arrive at your adult education center, be sure to print your name on the daily sign-in sheet. You will be credited for the time you spend testing and studying.

How often am I required to study?

Each individual has a required amount of study time that is based on criteria set by the Department for Community Based Services.

Do I get credit for homework?

Yes, you will receive credit for each homework packet that you complete. This credit will be awarded when you turn it in to your instructor.

What happens after I obtain my GED?

Your Work and Learn case manager will help you with the admission process to Madisonville Community College so your transition will be a smooth and successful one.

Once I am in college am I removed from the Work and Learn program?

Once you have completed the admission process, you will be transferred to the Ready to Work program at MCC. The Ready to Work program offers the same services to students so you can continue your career goals once you are enrolled in college.