Math Emporium

All MCC developmental math courses are taught in the Math Emporium, a 65-station computer lab.

Instruction in the Math Emporium Lab (MEL) is self-paced and individualized. Rather than listen to a traditional classroom lecture, instruction is computer based, with a teacher available on-demand whenever the student needs assistance.

Ideally, students complete readings and listen to recorded lectures at home and work on math problems with assistance from faculty during class time.

Access MyLabsPlus via Blackboard

Where all lecture, homework, and quizzes are available, 24/7, in an online format.

(If Bb is unavailable please use the following GUIDE to gain access.)

How it works

After taking the Compass test, students who place in developmental math courses register for the appropriate math course, held in the MCC Math Emporium, John H. Gray, Room 201. Each class is divided into separate chapters. Once you ve mastered the content of a lesson or chapter, you can immediately start the next. Students have unlimited attempts on each homework problem. The following YouTube video provides a basic rundown of the process: How does the Math Emporium work?

Save time and money

If you feel you are familiar with the material to be covered in a chapter, you may take a pre-test to skip content and finish earlier! Once you finish the course you may advance to the next without paying additional tuition! Students may advance through MAT 55, MAT 65 and MAT 85 in the same semester without paying additional tuition!