Leadership MCC

The Leadership MCC Program is a program for providing incentives for students who aspire to become leaders.

What is Leadership MCC?

Leadership MCC is an academic based program that utilizes the co-curricular setting for students to practice the skills of leadership learned in coursework. Two specific courses provide the basis for this, though other courses may be completed to assist faculty and students who wish to add leadership content to the regular course objectives. The program will emphasize these core principles of leadership and seek evidence of their application in other program activities. Students will meet periodically through the semester to interact with one another in a seminar setting and to discuss the leadership questions found in current events.

Students in this program will not only learn general principles of leadership, they will confront the subject in practice as well as theory. Students who opt for this program and complete the below-listed requirements will earn recognition by award at graduation. At a certain point level, the student would receive an Affidavit Award that would attest to completion of the general program. At a greater point level, the student would be eligible for a Medallion Award, which would include and encompass the Affidavit of the lower tier.

What classes are involved?

The core of the program is two courses (3 credits each); these are elective choices in students' degree programs and are transferable. The courses have no prerequisites and are not sequenced; they can be taken in any order and at any time during the students' academic careers, and at any time they have enrolled in the Leadership MCC.

For points to be awarded, the students must earn a 'C' grade or better:

  • GE 140 Development of Leadership
  • BA 288 Personal And Organizational Leadership

Students may also take a third course from the list below, as augmentation to the incentive plan.

  • BE 180 Introduction to Business
  • BIO 103 Basic Ideas in Biology
  • ENG 102 Writing II
  • PS 110 American Government
  • PS 255 State Government
  • RS 130 Introduction to Comparative Religion

Points for these courses will be awarded when the student completes an essay or course project that treats the content of that course relative to leadership issues. To earn points toward the Leadership Program, the student work would have to be approved by faculty member designated by the Leadership Program Coordinator.

What are the awards?

In order to receive the Medallion Award, the student would be required to take both core courses. The Affidavit could be earned by students who only sat for one of the core courses.

What do I have to do?

  • Complete an application
  • Attend Leadership MCC orientation
  • Register for one or more of the core courses
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Participate in approved leadership activities, for example:
    • Become a club member or club officer
    • Attend cultural events and school-sponsored activities
    • Volunteer to help in your community (arrange in advance with Leadership Coordinator)
    • Get involved in service projects, or create your own
    • Current students could count previous experience with approval from faculty coordinators and Leadership Coordinator acceptance
  • Record leadership activities, keep records, and report successful participation to Leadership Coordinator or designated officer

How do the points work?

Total Points for Affidavit: 1000

Total Points for Medallion: 1250

Activity Points
Core Courses 600 total
BA 288 300
GE 140 300
Optional Course Work 100
Attending Leadership MCC Orientation 50
SGA Officer 150
PTK Officer 150
MCC Club Officer 100
Student Club Active Member 50
Volunteer and Service Activity *
(limit of 500 pts. in this area)
Off-campus / Community Volunteer * 50

List of Leadership / Service Activities

  • School Counts
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Campus Cleanup
  • Madisonville Community College Committee Participation (student representative)
  • Continuing Education Leadership Courses
  • Tutoring in Learning Lab or SSS
  • Watershed Watch
  • Renaissance Reading
  • Relay for Life
  • Day Voices and Evening Voices
  • Glema Mahr Events
  • Glema Mahr Usher
  • Friends of the Library (Hopkins County - Madisonville Public Library)
  • Circle of Love Bazaar
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Job Fair
  • The Gadfly
  • Participation in one of the many student organizations on campus

Community efforts require prior approval from Leadership Coordinator and must be documented by a member of the community.

For more information about Leadership MCC, contact Jay Parrent by phone at (270) 824-8571 or by email at jay.parrent@kctcs.edu.