PTA Program Goals

  • The MCC PTA program will maintain the highest level of professional education by maintaining compliance with the criteria established by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.
  • The MCC PTA program will identify, recruit, and educate culturally diverse individuals who are interested in the PTA Program.
  • MCC PTA Program graduates will demonstrate skills necessary for the entry-level physical therapist assistant and demonstrate competency on the national board exam.
  • The MCC PTA Program will maintain safe, state-of-the art physical therapy equipment and technology to adequately train students in current physical therapy practices.
  • The MCC PTA Program will provide a learning environment that promotes student success through the implementation of contemporary educational methodology and evidence-based practice.
  • The MCC PTA Program will increase the use of computer-based technology throughout the curriculum in order to meet the increasing demand for technological literacy required of healthcare practitioners in today s society.
  • The MCC PTA Program will create an educational environment that facilitates the growth of critical thinking skills necessary for successful entry into professional practice and life-long learning.