Computer Training

We offer regularly scheduled computer training classes which primarily consist of those listed below and classes of special interest when requested.

Introduction to Windows

You will learn how to navigate the desktop, use Windows Explorer, customize and copy and move icons. You will learn to start and close programs, switch between programs, add wallpaper, change screen colors, set up a screen saver, install software, create and view folders, move or copy a file to another folder, rename a file, delete a file, and find a file.

Introduction to the Internet and Email

Do you want to surf the "Net"? Now is the time to begin. Find the answer to your questions. What is the Internet and how can you access it? This general introduction explains the world the Internet can open for you and offers tips on various gateway options. This class will offer hands-on experience on the Internet.

Microsoft Word: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced

These courses are designed to provide beginning level skills in Word through the more advanced tasks.

Microsoft Excel: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced

These courses take you from the fundamentals of Excel through the more advanced tasks like applying formats between sheets, split screens, protecting data, linking and embedding, merging, goal seeking, drag and plot, charting and more.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This course presents basic concepts of creating and modifying presentations using PowerPoint. You will work with presentations, create graphs and organizational charts, work with text, drawings, clip art, and colors, use masters and templates, and use slide show transitions and special effects.

Microsoft Access

In this course you will learn to design a database, create and customize tables, set field properties, use queries, design basic reports, and locate and import data.

Quickbooks Pro

This introductory course is designed to provide new Quick Books users with a basic knowledge of entering data and utilizing the following modules: payroll, invoicing, check register, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. A basic understanding of bookkeeping is preferred but not required, prior to enrolling in the class.

Customized Training

If you have need for group training or would like to schedule private classes for your group of 10 or more, please contact:

Paula Pendergraff
(270) 824-8660