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17 Reasons to Attend MCC or a KCTCS College in 2017

Many Kentuckians are thinking about beginning or returning to college this year. To help them make that decision, here are 17 reasons to attend a KCTCS college in 2017.

1. KCTCS has the lowest tuition in Kentucky less than half the cost of four-year universities.

2. Our colleges are close to home. There is a KCTCS college within a 30-minute drive of 95 percent of all Kentuckians.

3. You d be in good company. We are Kentucky s largest provider of postsecondary education. Nearly half of all undergrads in Kentucky attend KCTCS.

4. Students who begin their college journey at a community college do as well or better than those who attend a four-year institution.

5. Need online classes? KCTCS is the largest provider of online classes in Kentucky.

6. Employers and workers can take advantage of our workforce training. We are Kentucky s largest provider of workforce training.

7. KCTCS offers more than 700 programs, many of which are considered high-wage, high-demand.

8. For those looking to get trained quickly and get work, we offer many programs that can be completed in four months or less for jobs that pay up to $60,000.

9. Our curriculum is aligned with local business needs so students can find jobs after completing a program.

10. Four of our colleges offer the Kentucky Coal Academy for new and incumbent miner training. Madisonville Community College offers the Kentucky Coal Academy.

11. For those who want to work in the equine industry, we offer the North American Racing Academy. Madisonville Community College does not offer this program.

12. Looking to become a firefighter? We train 80 percent of the state s firefighters. We also offer credentials for state emergency medical services workers.

13. If health care careers are appealing, you can join the 69 percent of Kentucky allied health care workers who received their education at KCTCS.

14. If skilled trades interest you, we have that! KCTCS trains 82 percent of the state s skilled trade workers everything from welding, to construction, to lineman training.

15. Through Kentucky FAME, students can earn college credit and a salary while working in advanced manufacturing.

16. KCTCS is open access and charges no fee to apply.

17. Our mission is to improve the lives and employability of Kentuckians. We ve done that for nearly 835,000 people since 2000.

For more information on Madisonville Community College programs, financial aid and registering for classes, prospective students can visit madisonville.kctcs.edu. or call the Enrollment Center at (270) 824-8657.