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MCC Students Offered New Textbook Rental Program

Madisonville Community College students now have another option when it comes to obtaining textbooks. KCTCS and Barnes amp; Noble have teamed up to offer a textbook rental program that will provide tremendous savings for students.

KCTCS is part of a select group of colleges/universities offering students a textbook rental program. More than 20 percent of titles are offered at KCTCS 16 colleges across the state, at up to half the cost of purchasing a new, printed textbook.

This multi-channel program allows students the following flexibility and conveniences including:

  • Renting books either in the bookstore or from the bookstore s website;
  • The ability to moderately highlight and take notes in rented books;
  • The choice to return rented books to the bookstore in person or via mail;
  • A wide variety of rental fee payment options including the use of financial aid;
  • Reminder e-mail notifications noting when the rental period is ending and when all textbooks need to be returned to the bookstore.

Barnes amp; Noble has been under contract to manage KCTCS college bookstores since July 1, 2004, with the initial five-year contract having been renewed in June 2009.

The management of KCTCS bookstores by Barnes amp; Noble has given rise to significant economies of scale in operations systemwide, resulting in additional and enhanced services, while significantly helping to contain and reduce cost. Barnes amp; Noble s introduction of book rental will further enhance the options to KCTCS students while enabling greater affordability.