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Biomedical Technology Systems Program: A Healthcare Career Option

Biomedical Equipment Technology is an ever-growing healthcare profession. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the tremendous opportunities available. Also known as Healthcare Technology Management, individuals in this profession are commonly referred to as biomedical equipment technicians or, just simply, biomeds. These are the men and women who test, inspect, repair, maintain, and manage all types of healthcare technology such as IV pumps, defibrillators, infant incubators, mechanical ventilators, anesthesia machines, and x-ray equipment. In fact, the average biomedical equipment technician working in a hospital setting takes care of approximately 1,500 pieces of medical equipment. Biomeds may also be found working at clinics, dialysis treatment centers, home medical equipment companies, medical equipment manufacturers, or for third-party medical equipment service providers. Being a biomed allows you the unique opportunity to work in the healthcare environment without having direct patient contact.

Another little known fact is that Madisonville Community College (MCC) has the only public 2-year degree Biomedical Technology Systems (BTS) program in Kentucky and Tennessee. MCC s program is a combination of online and onsite courses. Students from distant locations, such as Louisville or Nashville, have the convenience of enrolling in online BTS courses and only commuting to campus one day a week for onsite lab courses.

MCC s BTS program has a strong history of male and female graduates becoming highly successful biomed technicians, supervisors, and managers. They remain in the field because they enjoy the rewarding and stable career of being Biomedical Equipment Technology professionals.

For more information about the Biomedical Technology Systems (BTS) program at Madisonville Community College, contact Joey Jones at 270-824-8583.