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MCC Partners with West Broadway Elementary School on Recycling Project

Madisonville Community College is partnering with West Broadway Elementary School in an ongoing recycling project. Plastic caps and lids are recycled into functional benches for the school. Drop boxes are located on each campus.

Examples of acceptable items are:

Caps: Medicine Bottle Caps, Milk Jug Caps, Detergent Caps, Hair Spray Caps, Toothpaste Tube Caps, Deodorant Caps, Drink Bottle Caps, Flip-top caps (example: Ketchup and Mustard tops), Spout caps (Example: Mustard tops), Spray Paint Caps, Ointment Tube Caps

Lids: Cottage Cheese Container Lids, Cool Whip Container Lids, Mayonnaise Jar Lids, Coffee Can Lids, Yogurt Lids, Cream Cheese Container Lids, Peanut Butter Container Lids, Butter Container Lids, Ice Cream Bucket Lids

Items not accepted include: Metal of Any Kind, Soap Pumps, Trigger Sprayers, Lotion Pumps, and Fast Food Drink Lids

By recycling these plastic caps and lids we are reducing our waste and re-creating something useful!

For more information about the recycling project or ways to donate, contact Paula Lange, MCC Sustainability Co-chair, at (270) 824-1744.