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Madisonville Community College employees and students participated in the NW Earth Institute s EcoChallenge during October 15-29 to inspire and challenge everyone to change one habit for the planet. Sponsored by the college s Sustainability Committee, the EcoChallenge project was in partnership with West Broadway Elementary School (WBES) to collect plastic bottle caps and lids towards the school s goal of a bench made from recycled/repurposed plastic. Greentree Plastics in Evansville, Indiana, will manufacture the bench once 400 pounds of plastic caps and lids have been collected.

On November 12, MCC Sustainability Committee representatives Brittney Hernandez-Stevenson, Paula Lange, and Tim Stutler were proud to add 76 pounds to the collection bringing the school s current total to approximately 170 pounds. Collection of plastic bottle caps and lids will continue at MCC and WBES through the end of the school year.