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MCC Announces Persistence and GED Credential Completion Awards

Madisonville Community College s ACE2 Muhlenberg Adult Education program announces the following awards:

Recipients of the March 2012 Persistence Award were Shelia Cleaver, Dana Peterson, Ruby Putnam, and Marilyn Wood. These individuals were rewarded with $25 in Muhlenberg County Chamber Checks or gas cards.

Recipients of the April 2012 GED Credential Completion Award were Jason Beasley, Warren Beasley, Dawne Brown, Sue-Ella Dalton, Shawna Love, and Dana Peterson. These individuals successfully passed the GED examination in April and were rewarded with $50 in Muhlenberg Chamber Checks.

MCC s ACE2 Muhlenberg Adult Education, in partnership with the Felix Martin Foundation and the Muhlenberg Literacy Council, are sponsoring the awards from January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012. Criteria for the awards are:

Persistence Awards - For all eligible students (11.9 TABE score or below and working toward a GED credential or basic skills), there will be a monthly drawing for a chance to win $25 in Muhlenberg County Chamber Checks (good at over 40 county locations) or gas cards. Chances to win are dependent on in-center hourly participation and number of total monthly students. For every hour of study a student completes in-center, the student receives one chance to win in the monthly drawing. There will be 4 Chamber Checks or gas cards awarded each month.

Free Testing - The Muhlenberg Literacy Council in conjunction with the Felix Martin Foundation will continue to support Muhlenberg students by paying the $60 test fee.

GED Credential Completion Awards - For those students officially enrolled and registered for the GED exam through ACE2, Muhlenberg s GED program, there will be a reward of $50 in Muhlenberg Chamber Checks for all successful testers who earn a GED credential between January 1, 2012 and June 30, 2012. The student must not already possess a high school diploma or have previously been awarded a GED credential in order to qualify.