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The Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation and Madisonville Community College (MCC) have announced the continuation of the Martin Scholars Program for the 2016-2017 academic year. The Martin Scholars program is designed to increase the associate degree attainment level of the residents of Muhlenberg County. With increased success rates, Martin Scholars should subsequently act as a catalyst in the county for economic development efforts and post-secondary transitions.

Martin Foundation President Kathy Jacobi had this to say to potential Martin Scholars, The Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation wants to help make your plans for achieving your Associate Degree a reality. Mr. Martin passed away in 2007 and left his estate to a foundation that would provide people in Muhlenberg County with new opportunities. We think helping people complete their Associates Degree is a big step in that direction.

In place since Summer 2012, the Martin Scholars program has funded 71 students who returned to complete their higher education at Madisonville Community College. Of the 71 students, 30 have already completed their Associate degrees. As a result, a total of $44,950 has been awarded through the Martin Scholars program.

We are so proud of these Martin Scholars who have graduated with their associate degrees, stated Dr. Jay Parrent, Chief Student Affairs Officer at MCC. These adults have juggled their busy lives to make a commitment to finishing their education. What great role models they are and what an accomplishment. It can be done.

To be eligible for the Martin Scholars program, students must be a full-time resident of Muhlenberg County, age 25 and older, who are yet to earn a college degree but have successfully completed at least 30 credit hours of regionally accredited college level coursework. Students accepted in the program will receive a $250 cash stipend each semester he/she is enrolled at MCC and makes satisfactory progress toward a degree. Satisfactory progress is shown by a signed form from the professor verifying that the student has at least a C average at the midpoint of the class. Satisfactory progress must be verified in all classes taken during the semester before a check will be mailed directly to the student. Additionally, each qualified student who completes his/her Associate Degree at MCC, along with a 1-credit hour Business Employability Skills class online for 8-weeks, will receive an additional $400 Completion Bonus. The check will come directly to the student. This check can be used to offset any costs he/she encounters, including books, supplies, equipment, transportation or child-care.

For more information, individuals interested in the Martin Scholars program can contact Penny Jessup, Student Affairs Specialist, at 270-757-9881.