Personal Safety Requirements | MCC

Personal Safety Requirements

Face Coverings

Wearing a face covering is mandatory—a mask or a fabric covering such as a bandana.

  • Students, faculty, and staff are asked to provide their own mask, however, the college
    will have a limited supply available for those who do not have one. Individuals who are
    not wearing a mask will be denied entrance to all campuses and buildings.
  • Masks are to be worn at all times unless you are working alone in an office.
  • Students must wear a mask in the classroom. Faculty members must also wear a
    mask or face shield while teaching.
  • An individual seeking an exception from wearing a mask for a serious health or safety
    hazard reason shall request approval from our Healthy at Work Officer (Kim Jones).

These exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis with consultation from the
Healthy at Work Officer, the President, and the KCTCS General Counsel.

  • Wash or sanitize hands each time, before and after, touching face or face covering.
  • Face shields may be required for faculty in some circumstances.


Gloves are not required, however for your safety, students, faculty and staff shouldwash hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer after each equipment use. The MCC will ensure that employees whose job duties include touching items often touched by others (e.g., credit cards/cash, paper, computers) wear gloves that are “regularly” replaced.

Health checks

You will be asked to self-check your temperature and answer health questions before entering a facility. If your temperature is above 100.4 degrees, you will not be allowed to enter the facility.

Students are required to conduct daily self-administered temperature and health checks. Students who report a fever and/or any symptoms of COVID-19 should be asked to see to their health care provider to be tested and then quarantine at home as soon as any illness is detected per their provider’s instructions.

If any student reports a positive test or displays COVID-19 symptoms, you are permitted to deny the student entry into the lab for completion of work. Should astudent be unable to complete lab work due to COVID-19, faculty should work with the student to provide extensions on assignments.

All MCC employees are required to undergo daily temperature and health checks. These checks will be self-administered and performed at home. The screenings will be accessible via a Check-in tile on MyPath. After the screening is completed, employees will receive an email that will approve them for on-site work for that day. Employees who have a fever and/or any symptoms of COVID-19 should contact their health care provider to be tested and quarantine at home as soon as any illness is detected per their provider’s instructions. This includes employees that passed a temperature and health check prior to reporting to work but became ill during the day.

social distancing

Social distancing of at least six feet is required in all classrooms, labs, sharedoffices, common spaces, and other locations. Spaces have been modifi ed toensure this is followed, including removal or storage of furnishings.

Signage has been provided and posted at all facilities in the common areas such as bathrooms, cafes, lecture halls, classrooms, entrances, etc.

Six-foot spacing markers have been added for higher traffic areas. All congregating, vending, break, and meeting spaces are either closed or taped off with closed or do not enter signage.

Healthy at Work Requirements

All KCTCS employees must complete Healthy at Work requirements trainingthrough the normal online training delivery method, SafeColleges. This training canbe accessed via the Compliance tile in MyPath. Employees will be required to takethe training as part of their regular duties. Colleges and System Office may provide additional trainings through alternative means. All employees are required to takethe trainings within the specified time requirements and before returning to a facility.

Contractors, volunteers, partner organizations and other interested parties maybe asked to view the training materials online.