Personal Safety Requirements | MCC

Personal Safety Requirements

Face Coverings

Students, college staff, and other campus visitors are required to wear a face covering while on campus, regardless of vaccination status. 

Social distancing

Social distancing is encouraged on campus when possible. Classrooms and labs are set up to provide social distancing. Shared offices, common spaces, and other campus facilities also provide opportunities to maintain a safe social distance. 

Signage has been provided and posted at all facilities in the common areas such as bathrooms, cafes, lecture halls, classrooms, entrances, etc.

Members of the campus community are reminded to socially distance in congregating, vending, break, and meeting spaces. 

Healthy at Work Requirements

All KCTCS employees must complete Healthy at Work requirements training through the normal online training delivery method, SafeColleges. This training can be accessed via the Compliance tile in MyPath. Employees will be required to take the training as part of their regular duties. Colleges and System Office may provide additional trainings through alternative means. All employees are required to take the trainings within the specified time requirements and before returning to a facility.

Contractors, volunteers, partner organizations and other interested parties maybe asked to view the training materials online.