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Academic and Student Services

MCC Phase I – Beginning June 15

Students were able to schedule appointments for the Assessment Center, Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, and the Records Office. Only one student per one employee with social distancing is
allowed. If students arrive without an appointment, they will be directed to sign-in and wait in their car to see if the office can accommodate them. All campus doors remain locked, with directions to one entrance only, and visitors will be admitted one at a time. All summer instruction is online with the exception of lab and technical courses that require in-person activity.

MCC Phase II – Beginning July 1

Additional campus services will be available. The face-to-face experiences needed in technical classes from the summer session may resume with the appropriate social distancing guidelines. Skills U (Adult Education) may also resume on-campus classes with the same social distancing
requirements. Workforce Solutions classes for business and industry may take place on campuses. Students may continue to schedule appointments for student services with the expectation that student traffic will increase during Phase II, including access for more walk-in students potentially.


The college’s final phase before the start of Fall classes will begin on August 1. Faculty and staff will return to campus in alternating schedules at that time. All other social distancing requirements remain in effect. Barring any new or additional guidance from KCTCS, CPE, or state health officials, the fall term classes will be offered in a variety of formats for students. There will be fully online classes, face-to-face classes, and hybrid classes. Face-to-face classes will have a Blackboard course shell available in the event that classes must be moved online. Some lecture courses will be taught 100% face-to-face in the large rooms on campus with the appropriate social distancing guidelines applied.

All on-ground classes will be socially distanced, and professors will conduct their
classes in one of the three methods listed below:

  • Classes will be 50/50 hybrid where professors meet with half the class on one
    day and half on another but teach the same content both days. The other half
    of the course content will be delivered online.

  • Classes will meet with half the class in person and half on Microsoft Teams,
    rotating the students who attend live or synchronously (at the same time) online,
    but cover the content as the professors normally would.

  • Classes will meet synchronously (at the same time) on Microsoft Teams at the
    times scheduled. Students are expected to meet online during those times.