Library Instruction

The library staff are happy to instruct students on how to use the library and its many resources. The Loman C. Trover Library comes equipped with a library instruction classroom (LRC213) with seating for up to 24 students, 18 laptops and 24 Qwizdom Clickers for hands-on instruction. We are proud to offer the following methods of library instruction at Madisonville Community College:
Point-of-use instruction and modeling of approrpiate practices (at the Help Desk or by appointment).

  • Tours of the library facility and basic information about the online resources available.
  • Library subject guides and information literacy tutorials.
  • Organized instruction to ENC 091 students which focuses on the physical arrangement of libraries and its services, and the use of online databases.
  • Organized instruction to English 101 students which focuses on using the library (physical and electronic).
  • Organized instruction to English 102 students which focuses on accessing, citing, and evaluating library and external resources.
  • Course-specific instruction geared to a particular discipline or topic.

In order to ensure an optimal learning environment, we ask that faculty please schedule library instruction and class visits in advance. Library instruction and class visits are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Faculty are discouraged from bringing classes into the library unannounced.