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Transfer Advising Pathways

The Transfer Advising Pathways (TAPs) are guides to assist students who are completing an identified AA/AS/AAS degree and wish to transfer and pursue a Bachelor s degree.

Students are encouraged to contact the MCC Transfer Advisor and the intended four year college to ensure a smooth transition. Additional pathways may be available for other colleges.

Murray State University TAPs

  • AA - BS Business Administration
  • AA - Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education
  • AA - Bachelor of Science, LBD with Elementary Education Emphasis
  • AA - BS Middle School Math and Science
  • AA - BSB Business Computer Information Systems Emphasis
  • AA - BSW Social Work
  • AA - Middle School Math and Social Studies
  • AA - Middle School Social Studies and Science
  • AAS AIT - BS Electromechanical Engineering Technology
  • AAS IECE - BS Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
  • AAS RN - BSN Nursing

Western Kentucky University Transfer Guides

The General Education Transfer Policy guarantees that if you complete an associate in arts or associate in science degree at a KCTCS college, any Kentucky public university will accept your general education credits as meeting lower-division general education requirements. The general education requirements covered in this policy may not meet requirements for specific majors. This means that while these credits will be accepted, they may not meet all the general education requirements of your specific degree program. Check with the faculty and staff at the college or university you choose to attend to find out what general education requirements you need to take for your degree program.Complete list of all KCTCS Transfer agreements
Indiana Wesleyan University also offers ten online bachelor s degrees in accounting, addictions counseling, business administration, business information systems, management, marketing, general studies, biblical studies, criminal justice, and nursing. These programs are delivered one course every five weeks over about an 18- to 24-month period. After enrollment, registration into each course is automatic, with textbooks being mailed to you automatically as well. You may enter the programs with advanced standing with up to 94 credits transferring. Stop by the Advising and Transfer Center to discuss this option further with an advisor.A partnership with Regis University allows students who earn an associate in arts or an associate in science degree from KCTCS to transfer to a bachelor s degree program with junior class standing and 60 to 90 academic credits toward a bachelor s degree. All bachelor s programs offered by Regis in this agreement can be completed online, including accounting, business administration, communication, computer information systems, computer networking, computer science, finance, marketing, and public administration.Strayer University offers online bachelor s degrees in accounting, computer information systems, computer networking, database technology, economics, international business and internetworking technology.Franklin University has partnered with KCTCS to offer 3+1 seamless transfer degrees. MCC students are encouraged to complete their Associate degree and up to an additional 24 credit hours at MCC to maximize their transfer credits toward a Bachelor s degree at Franklin University. For more information about Franklin University and their programs visit or
For assistance with transfer, contact Stephanie Self in the Advising and Transfer Center.